AWWww, you guys! I love seeing old clients. And by “old” clients, I mean that when I walked up to greet Michelle and Richard underneath the water tower in American Tobacco, they were both rocking back and forth in side-by-side rocking chairs on their phones and our conversation at one point turned to crocheting and sewing. **drumroll, cymbal crash** But seriously folks! Michelle and Richard are 2015 wedding clients and I was so grateful to see them again! They were in town for Richard’s sister’s wedding and decided to take some updated couple photos with me around American Tobacco. They’ve since moved to Illinois, a couple hours south of Chicago, where Richard teaches sociology and Michelle does lab stuff that sounded kind of complicated. They have cats that they did not bring with them despite me asking (Michelle said they had book club but I suspect a cover up) but we did discuss the cats a lot, as well as our love for Murray Hewitt and podcasts (including one that’s literally all about U2 which can sidle up right besides my all-Pearl-Jam podcast – I’m such a dork). Michelle and Richard are great people and I like them a lot.