We just met Cat and Mitchell in December (our first ever client meeting in a Waffle House) and we decided we liked them even before we met them simply for the fact that they wanted to meet in a Waffle House. They were a little nervous at first, but the truth came out later that they’re diehard Philly Flyers fans and were concerned about us being from Pittsburgh and possibly having an allegiance to the Penguins… not realizing, of course, that we’re completely indifferent to any and all kinds of hockey (sorry, southwestern Pennsylvania).

A wedding for this year at Starlight Meadow (an amazing venue) in Burlington was booked. An engagement session was then also booked. Tacos were eaten pre-session because tacos make everyone that much more relaxed in pictures. Pictures were then taken outside in Greensboro in 30-some degree temperatures which seems all well and good, but I’m pretty sure it was substantially colder than that given the wind… and none of us could feel our hands, or legs, or feet (3 out of 4 of us were wearing Converse Chucks which, although cool, don’t really provide any sort of adequate protection from, well, anything). We also shot some inside Longshanks, a pool hall where they had their first date and where resides the most amazing fake fireplace. We are looking forward to photographing their wedding this year because they promised us a bouncy castle.