I’ve done work for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance for many years, and I still get asked questions about what they do for the city. The DRA is responsible for fun events that happen downtown (like First Friday, Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week, and partnering with local artists to decorate storefronts and make murals) but they also provide Ambassador services! These (and many more) friendly folks wearing blue DRA ambassador logos patrol downtown, helping locals and visitors. They keep an eye on the cars in parking garages, provide directions and assistance, check on shop owners and local businesses, and they even jump your car for free if you need it! If you’re downtown late at night and would like an escort back to your car, you can call them and they’ll walk with you. They provide an immense and helpful service. I was happy to photograph the ambassadors in their new uniforms this year!

Super happy to photograph the promos for an event organized by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance each year: the PNC Downtown Raleigh Movie Series! For a window of time in the summer, they bring you free movies downtown in City Plaza. It is pretty wonderful. There are food trucks, a DJ, the opportunity to shop around locally beforehand, and just hang out. Once the movie starts, it’s beautiful sitting out there in the plaza lights! No, they aren’t paying me to say this stuff, we just go a lot. Here’s the schedule of the movies showing this summer: http://www.downtownraleighmovieseries.com/.

Raleigh Winterfest!

Happy to photograph Raleigh’s Winterfest for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance again this year! We always have a great time and this year was no exception (except for the brief 10-minute window when Stacey made me ride a Ferris Wheel). Other than that, it was fantastic. :) The ice skating rink and various other activities take place downtown until February, so check it out if you’re in Raleigh! http://www.godowntownraleigh.com/winterfest