I can solidly say that no other assignment has had us listening to this much Men Without Hats. I think we listened to the Safety Dance at least a dozen times, each time accompanied by Finn doing the Wheels on the Bus circular hand motions while bouncing up and down for completely inexplicable reasons. He was thrilled. This child CANNOT GET ENOUGH Men Without Hats. On vinyl, no less! He went right to the record shelf and picked out the record, promptly dropped it, then picked it up again and ran to the record player because he is a hipster child. I say this with love. But he is an audiophile, has impeccable wardrobe choices, is in possession of several vintage childhood books, and drives an unusual-shade-of-green-colored Jeep. His popsicles are also made out of things like bananas and kale. I’m just saying… he’s an adorable hipster of a 2 year-old.

In addition to Men Without Hats, he also enjoys this one song that came programmed into his Jeep. It’s super strange, oddly somber for a child’s toy, but sounds kind of like a teenage version of Journey’s Faithfully. Definitely a breakup song. And when he’s done with the Safety Dance, he cools down to that one, accompanied by slower, sadder Wheels on the Bus hand motions. When he’s done feeling sorry for himself for whatever imaginary breakup he’s going through, he heads straight to his kiddie pool to pick up a cup and then literally pour a ton of water straight into his eyes. He does this repeatedly (always aiming for the top of his head but not quite having the rotator cuff range yet so landing directly into the eyes) and then shakes like he’s about to explode with joy. I think he’s cold, but it’s a delighted cold, so it comes across as enthusiastically explosive.

So basically, Finn is one of my all-time favorite children. I also love his parents, Heather and Garrett, whose maternity session we photographed back in 2016 while Finn was still in utero. They have a beautiful house that’s adorably decorated because Heather is an incredible designer and also because they, too, love Invader Zim. They have two flufferistic doggos, Mabel and Castle, who like to follow Finn around and look for food he’s currently dropping, and do zoomies around the house. When we left, Finn pressed his entire face up against the glass like I’ve really only ever seen in television shows because he’s the most amazing kid ever. He also blew me kisses immediately upon my arrival and departure. He did not blow kisses to Geoff, but rather stood super close to him while doing the Wheels on the Bus hand motions and staring directly into his eyes. Not sure what this meant but it was also great. YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO.


Let me start by saying that Kim is 100% responsible for all the adorableness that you’re about to see below. She came up with the idea for a Fantastic Mr. Fox themed shoot, and then put together/made/brought the most adorable props in all of the land. We picked the spot. She drove out to meet us with literally a car trunk full of stuff that she made (this is the second time we’ve worked with Kim, and I can confidently say she’s one of the craftiest people I know besides my own mother). Then we stuffed as much as we could into a rolling red wagon and took it into the forest and (carefully) down some steps (thanks, Geoff!) and then set up camp (literally) in the woods.

At that point, Geoff set to work making a tent out of some blankets thanks to his a+ Boy Scout skills, while Blue put on a fox mask and immediately became the most adorable child I’ve ever seen. At one point there was an adorable blue beret, and there were lots of (really excellent!) Polaroids taken of us by Blue, all while his mother looked especially fabulous while hanging out in the woods (she looks 100% better than I do 100% of the time). Blue is a wonderfully polite, incredibly smart, and obviously adorable young man. His mother asked, “Can you tell Carolyn and Geoff what we’re wearing today?” and he responded with, “Our smiles” and the woodland creatures everywhere erupted into a collective “Awwwwwww!!!” At the end we got ice cream, and I think Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson would approve.