Cat+Michell // At Home.

Remember Cat+Michell? Of course you guys do, their wedding had a bouncy castle. A bouncy castle I went in many times, and fondly reminisce about whenever I’m anywhere without a bouncy castle really (which is, sadly, often). Well, Cat and Michell had a KID! A small human being! Not fit to put inside a bouncy castle (yet), but give him time. His name is Cameron and he was a little bit sick at the session which gave me a great excuse to sing this. He also slept through pretty much the whole session. This was either due to a defense mechanism to tune us all out, or because he had the sniffles. Either way, it gave us the opportunity to put on his baby headphones and a dinosaur hat and create all sorts of pictures he’ll probably be embarrassed of later. We are so happy to welcome the always wonderful never terrible Cat+Michell to the CSP 3-timer’s club and to welcome Cameron to his first-timer’s club!