This family is quite near and dear to our hearts. As in, when Geoff and I had to spend our first Christmas in 32 years away from our own families, we spent it with Abby and Aaron’s. They are very, very precious to us and some of the most wonderful friends. If you want a backstory, here’s their engagement session, their wedding, and their session with their first newborn Logan. We also photographed Abby’s brother’s wedding here. And then all of a sudden one day Abby and Aaron were like, “WE’RE HAVING TWINS!” and we were like “WHAAAAT!” and they were like “WHAAAAT!” and now the family that I previously knew that consisted of 2 has been replaced with a family of 5 in a matter of years… and Abby is now seriously outnumbered by boys. :)

We’ve worked over the years with a number of sets of identical twins for some reason (I think this may be our 5th or 6th set), but this is our first newborn set… ones that aren’t old enough to have a wedding yet, let alone walk or talk. It was a bit intimidating, but thankfully they slept like the little baby angels that they are. Max, for the most part, is on the right hand side of the frame. Abby and Aaron claim he looks like Benjamin Button, and I can currently see the resemblance. Lucas, for the most part, is on the left hand side of the frame. And the excited looking sandy-haired toddler you see is Logan, now almost three, who has been happily upgraded to Big Brother status. And that’s me, over here in the corner, trying not to cry at the big beautiful family that I’m now kinda a small part of because I’ve invited myself over a lot and used to babysit their dog Casey. We love and adore each and every member of this family.

Class of 2017.

Phew. Many of you know that this was a crap year for us. We had a significant death in the family, a laundry closet that was flooded, two cats in the emergency hospital, a computer that died, and a small kitchen fire that Carolyn valiantly extinguished… saving the lives of everyone in attendance. We blame 100% of the bad things that happened to us on a small wooden tiki carving we discovered under the dryer in said pre-flooded laundry closet, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, it sucked. We were hit with one thing after the other. But you know what didn’t suck? Our 2017 professional year. It ruled. Every single one of our clients was sane, kind, welcoming, pleasant, and fabulous in every way. We got hugs and thank you letters and toys for our cats and invitations to drinks and gatherings and copies of Hocus Pocus on DVD. You all took immense care of us this year when we needed it most, and we can’t thank you enough. You all were a very special class indeed, and we’re glad to see you graduate ::sheds tear::. I’m not sure where you’re graduating to… but… come back and visit us, please. We love each and every one of you. Thanks for making a bad year have tremendously good moments.

The year end “Class Of” posts date back to 2011.


Cat+Michell // At Home.

Remember Cat+Michell? Of course you guys do, their wedding had a bouncy castle. A bouncy castle I went in many times, and fondly reminisce about whenever I’m anywhere without a bouncy castle really (which is, sadly, often). Well, Cat and Michell had a KID! A small human being! Not fit to put inside a bouncy castle (yet), but give him time. His name is Cameron and he was a little bit sick at the session which gave me a great excuse to sing this. He also slept through pretty much the whole session. This was either due to a defense mechanism to tune us all out, or because he had the sniffles. Either way, it gave us the opportunity to put on his baby headphones and a dinosaur hat and create all sorts of pictures he’ll probably be embarrassed of later. We are so happy to welcome the always wonderful never terrible Cat+Michell to the CSP 3-timer’s club and to welcome Cameron to his first-timer’s club!