Class of 2017.

Phew. Many of you know that this was a crap year for us. We had a significant death in the family, a laundry closet that was flooded, two cats in the emergency hospital, a computer that died, and a small kitchen fire that Carolyn valiantly extinguished… saving the lives of everyone in attendance. We blame 100% of the bad things that happened to us on a small wooden tiki carving we discovered under the dryer in said pre-flooded laundry closet, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, it sucked. We were hit with one thing after the other. But you know what didn’t suck? Our 2017 professional year. It ruled. Every single one of our clients was sane, kind, welcoming, pleasant, and fabulous in every way. We got hugs and thank you letters and toys for our cats and invitations to drinks and gatherings and copies of Hocus Pocus on DVD. You all took immense care of us this year when we needed it most, and we can’t thank you enough. You all were a very special class indeed, and we’re glad to see you graduate ::sheds tear::. I’m not sure where you’re graduating to… but… come back and visit us, please. We love each and every one of you. Thanks for making a bad year have tremendously good moments.

The year end “Class Of” posts date back to 2011.


Crystal and Jason seem to be like an adorable rain magnet. And if raining in the form of a hurricane on your wedding day is some sort of good luck, then having it rain againnnn during your anniversary portrait session you drove in from Charlotte to accomplish, then I’d say that they’re neck-deep in luck and need to play the lottery ASAP. 1870 Farm, where they were married, were gracious enough to have us return to shoot their portrait session. I got to pet a goat. It was great. They showed me all the areas that they were supposed to take pictures at had Hurricane Matthew not been an uninvited guest at their wedding. And this was the lake we were going to take pictures at! And this was the tree we were supposed to get married under! The tour was lovely, but interrupted halfway through by a turkey that meant business, and stopped me from spending as much time with the adorable goat as I would’ve preferred. Atlas, Crystal and Jason’s really cute little teddy bear dog, was also hell bent on killing said turkey, although I’m fairly confident he would’ve lost due to his small stature and the look of utter annihilation that the turkey had in its eye, and we moved on. We were supposed to shoot in the evening, but we moved it up to try and shoot in the space between the rain and were mostly successful, but it did start to rain toward the end. They busted out the white wedding umbrellas they used to shield themselves a year ago at their wedding and we continued onward. Rain cannot stop them. We are so glad to have been a part of their rainy wedding and their rainy anniversary shoot and their lives. Now please play the lottery and share some of it with us, thanks.