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CSP Class of 2015.

We are so, so grateful for all of our wonderful clients in 2015. The best part of this job is meeting so many new people, and we had some of the best this year. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our small business and our lives. This year we photographed two Rachels, two Carolines, two Matthews, three Saras (some with an h, some without), four Jessicas, three Jennifers, three Johns, two Tims, two Emilys, three Abbys, two Michelles (one with one L, one with two), two Alexes, two Erins, two Erics, and a lot of other people who didn’t have a name twin. We love you all, and cannot wait to meet more of you in 2016. :) Looking forward to going into our 8th year of business. Congratulations to the CSP Class of 2015!


    Nothing Chris

    Thank you for sharing these photos. The individuals and the settings are unique, but the emotions they capture with such freshness are universal. You open a window on a view of love and joy that helps me to appreciate life more. That’s great photography!

      Nothing carolyn

      Thank you, Mom. :D :) <3 Thank you for always supporting our business and teaching me about art and creativity from a young age! I love you!


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