Amy+Ben in New York City

Amy and Ben are awesome! We already knew this, but it was further solidified upon staying with them for a week in Brooklyn. :) We photographed their engagement session at Duke University and their wedding in Raleigh and now we’ve photographed their anniversary session near their home in Brooklyn, New York. :) They were living in New York City when we first Skyped with them about their wedding but then all of the subsequent photos involving them were taken in North Carolina were Amy was raised, so we thought it would be pretty rad to finally have some pictures of them taken where they’ve been living for so long. :) Since we were in Buffalo and Rochester for the previous weddings, shoots and visiting Geoff’s family, we were able to Megabus it from Rochester to NYC for $50 so it was a win-win for all involved. And they were so ridiculously gracious to allow us to stay with them in their apartment for a week while we ran around the city and spoiled their cats (who, it turns out, really enjoy balls made out of tin foil).

Their neighborhood is amazing and quiet. We were walking back from the subway at 1:30am one morning and we just saw a few people our age walking about and one elderly woman who was asking her dog which way he thought they should walk down the street. We were able to get everywhere… including the little great grocery store that had a lot of yummy gluten free things! And there was a place called the Farmacy that was basically a soda fountain and we both had our first NYC egg cremes! And some really nice woman in the subway gave me her water when I was about to pass out from heat stroke (it was really, really, really hot while we were there… even for people who live in the south)! We had an awesome time and want to thank Amy and Ben for being the BEST EVER!!

P.S. If you want to see our other New York adventures (including Geoff visiting the Ghostbusters fire house and us actually drinking the egg cremes), visit our Instagram page!