This is the 4th time we’ve photographed Annie+Kunal (their last session is here), and it’s an absolute pleasure each time. Annnnd we’ll actually be seeing them again shortly for another session, so at this point I think we could safely move in and no one would notice. But for this session, Annie’s Dad Tim contacted us and wanted to get family photos while everyone was in town together after the holidays. So much has been happening for this family! Tim and his partner Lorre just moved to the area from Tucson, Arizona to be closer to Annie and Kunal, who just gave birth to their second daughter Adhira while keeping up with Aashna, their toddler extraordinaire (and budding chef/baker/soccer player). Lorre’s daughter Brianne just got back in town from some time spent in Japan, and Wanda, Annie’s grandmother, was visiting from elsewhere in NC. Kunal’s parents Mahesh and Rekha flew in from India to be with their kids and grandkids over the holidays, and Kunal’s brother Manu came in from Little Rock. So there was a ton of family, and they were all happy to be together! We were lucky to get to photograph them hanging out at Tim and Lorre’s beautiful home, baking cupcakes and chasing around Aashna. This was the first time we had seen everyone together since Annie and Kunal’s wedding in 2015, and a great time was had by all. :)

We were so lucky to come into contact with Laurin, who found our website and liked our bats (my kind of girl) and booked us for her family session at their home. :) Their home is impressive and their kitchen wallpaper is the best I’ve ever seen, not to mention there’s a small gallery wall above their couch with a variety of awesome art featuring a space skull. Also, there’s a terrarium in the sitting room filled with moss and dinosaurs, and it was not built for 7 month old kiddo Tyler, but rather Laurin and Tim built it for themselves. I’d move in if it wouldn’t be weird. Laurin and Tim enjoy Game of Thrones, soccer, and taking care of Tyler. Tyler enjoys apple sauce, piggy back rides, his play mat, and spitting the apple sauce back up onto his dad. Grandma, Laurin’s mom, also joined us at the house to help out and take part in the photos. We were super happy to do this at home family session for these wonderful people. Enjoy their cuteness (and their wallpaper!).