I got the chance to photograph this wonderful family several years ago when Braelyn was only 1, and now she’s pushing her mom on a swing, riding a big girl bike, and driving go karts around her living room (!!). She loves stickers and bubbles and choosing her shoes. She also is a great older sister to little brother Braedyn, and even let him choose multiple stickers out of her much valued sticker book. Braedyn himself is one of the sweetest little toddlers I’ve ever met. Super easy-going and very kind, he gave me several stickers from said sticker book, as well as offered me a bite of every single snack he ate. He is such a loving little kid and liked to grab my hand and run across the house to show me things. Together they had a great time putting together Legos and wrestling with Dad, and then riding go karts and bikes with Mom. And let me just say that the go karts are really something fantastic. The kids can steer and drive them themselves, or they can be remote controlled (!) by the parents so that your kids aren’t constantly running into your furniture or other people. They also light up and play carnival music and I definitely want one for myself and/or my cats. We had the first nice day of the summer for this shoot and it was worth all the rainy reschedules we had to photograph this great crew once again!

At home with the Coreys.

We’ve been waiting for a family session like this to fall into our laps for a while now. We’ve even been approached by a few families asking for family portraits who have disappeared once  we’ve suggested how we’d prefer to shoot the session. :) So we were beyond thrilled (and honored!) when (amazing!) photographer Emily Corey e-mailed us and asked us to document her family in a come-to-our-house and photograph-us-hanging-around-on-a-Saturday-morning type of way. As she worded it: “a snapshot of life.” She was pregnant when she e-mailed us and wanted to wait until after the baby was born, so we’ve had it on the books, but we waited for a bit until the timing was right and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Meet the Coreys. They live in an awesome house and make chocolate chip pancakes on Saturdays and walk their dogs and graciously let us follow them around with cameras while they did all these things. There is an amazing and incredible amount of love and patience and kindness in this family and not one single tear was shed (except maybe for like ten minutes with the baby, but even then they were kind of like those baby cries where babies just scream but no actual tears come out).

So here is it. We are kind of addicted to this type of session now. Addicted. So much fun, so little pressure on the kids to act a certain way and pose a certain way (and they’re much more relaxed since they’re at home), and the parents aren’t stressed out because they’re just doing their thing. It’s probably one of the most chillaxed sessions we’ve been on. Feel the love!