Ya’ll know these guys so they don’t really need any introduction, but we will say that meet a lot of people on this job, but Jo, Brad, Laurel, and Sam are some of our favorites. They’ve kept in touch with us and invite us to their lake house and cook us dinner and let us play with their french bulldog and send us text messages when Carrie Fisher dies. We love them, and they are near and dear to our hearts. We photographed them last year with Frank, their newly adopted French Bulldog who has become, perhaps, the most babied and spoiled of the family and is possibly the favorite child (I know Laurel and Sam won’t be offended by this statement but will likely agree with me, so I feel like it’s fine to put that out there). They LOVE him, and how could you not, given that face!? And lucky for Frank, he was adopted into a family who took their adoption of him seriously, and so they are doing everything they can to get Frank back on a path to health and wellness after some pretty devastating news. Frank was diagnosed with Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis. Essentially, it’s an autoimmune disease brought on by a bad reaction to a vaccination. He’s had seizures and pneumonia, as well as other significant reactions to the disease and the drugs used to treat it. Currently, he is doing quite well on chemo and is a very strong, brave little pup. He is on the upswing and his family is taking great care of him in conjuncture with the NC State Veterinary Hospital Neurology Team.

So this year – we did their family pictures at the arboretum, but Frank was recovering at this current juncture from a recent hospital stay, so he was only able to join us for half of the pictures. He has since made significant strides and we are so happy for him! He is still sporting his veterinary hospital haircut in these pictures but also sporting a cool French t-shirt to represent his heritage. We’re so glad that Frank has this wonderful family in his life, and WE’RE so happy to have this wonderful family in OUR lives. Sam and Laurel remain two of our most favorite children, and they just keep getting funnier and more amazing as they get older. Probably because they have some pretty great parents whom we adore. Happy to photograph this family once again!

You’ll recognize a lot of their names.

Steve Perry… Katie Perry… Matthew Perry.

And then there will be some names you won’t recognize: Kathleen, Devon, Jim, Lauren, and Hayden.

But even if you recognize the first three names listed, you probably won’t associate these faces with them. ;) The Perry Family just happens to have some very popular names. All of which, mind you, came into being before the famous person did. :P

So meet the Perrys! Kathleen (blue and white dress) and I worked together back in the day. And by “worked together” I mean I just basically gave Kathleen a hard time. :) But she still likes me anyway so I was very excited to get the chance to meet and photograph her wonderful family of her mom, dad, brothers, sister-in-law, and two hilarious and gorgeous nieces. They’re a good-looking crew. And they’re all equally as awesome as Kathleen and we had a great time working with them! I was kind of tempted to burst into Journey songs the whole time because of her dad, but I restrained myself. Geoff tagged along  to occasionally shoot but mostly make little girls smile (I think it’s the beard). Lauren, the littlest one, alternated between crying at me and smiling at Geoff for most of the session. Go figure, right? He’s a ladies man.