The Outer Banks.

The fam goes to the Outer Banks every year for vacation. Here’s some of our favorites from our most recent trip. :) Shout to my mom for taking some of these pictures of us, to my dad for taking us parasailing, to Geoff for photobombing most of my pictures, and to Laura and Steve for ensuring that, even while I’m back home in Durham, I still sometimes find myself humming the Star Realms song.

Outer Banks 2014 @ Night

Every year my family goes to the Outer Banks for vacation. We love it there. My parents went on their honeymoon there and we vacationed there a few times when I was younger, but now that we moved to North Carolina my family comes down from Pennsylvania each year to visit us and the ocean at the same time. :) This year, Geoff and I did some night photography (mostly Geoff, actually, while I frantically danced around to keep the crabs from attacking us). Enjoy!