Outer Banks 2014 @ Night

Every year my family goes to the Outer Banks for vacation. We love it there. My parents went on their honeymoon there and we vacationed there a few times when I was younger, but now that we moved to North Carolina my family comes down from Pennsylvania each year to visit us and the ocean at the same time. :) This year, Geoff and I did some night photography (mostly Geoff, actually, while I frantically danced around to keep the crabs from attacking us). Enjoy!

my mom and dad are the best and are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today. happy anniversary, guys. :) they were married at phipps conservatory in pittsburgh, pa and took their honeymoon in cape hatteras, nc. i love them very much and am so glad that they are as happy as ever!


and also, a preview of the bavarian brathaus shoot in cary, nc!


i totally had a case of the mondays today. mama said there’d be days like this, huh.

sunsets always cheer people up, right? here’s to you if you also had a case of the mondays and people kept telling you to wear more flair:

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