day 82/365.

trying to stay away from gluten until they figure out whether i’m a genuine celiac or not. it’s crazy hard and expensive. also, everything tastes like cardboard. stomach doesn’t hurt, but i’m still weak. eating a crazy amount of fruit because it’s the only food that tastes like food in the gluten-free category that i don’t have to grill or cook. :) sigh… this will be a tough blow if it becomes official, but on the other hand, fruit salad just looks yummy and healthy and wonderful!

fruit salad

why 365?

my mom and dad are the best and are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today. happy anniversary, guys. :) they were married at phipps conservatory in pittsburgh, pa and took their honeymoon in cape hatteras, nc. i love them very much and am so glad that they are as happy as ever!


and also, a preview of the bavarian brathaus shoot in cary, nc!