I’m still out and about photographing commercial work for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance! I blog some of it here and there when I get the chance, but I always love blogging the opening day of the Downtown Raleigh Farmer’s Market because it’s always so colorful (even when it’s overcast like last week!) and happy. :) I love photographing this event for them, and I love it even more when I come home with some gluten-free chocolate cake and chipotle lime goat cheese. :D Oh, and when I see cute dogs. Can’t forget the cute dogs.

To learn more about the vendors and the Farmer’s Market, visit their website here. It’s open every Wednesday in City Plaza from 10am-2pm.

Videri Chocolate Factory

I don’t often do commercial work, but when I do, I prefer it to involve chocolate.

I shoot a lot of things for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance of a varying nature, and on this particular day one of the assignments was to visit Videri Chocolate Factory¬†(across from the Pit) and photograph it. And they gave me samples. And it was so, so delicious. I will be visiting there again soon and probably sneaking into a pile of chocolate in the back while they’re not looking and remain there for years, subsisting only on chocolate (preferably the sea salt kind).

day 82/365.

trying to stay away from gluten until they figure out whether i’m a genuine celiac or not. it’s crazy hard and expensive. also, everything tastes like cardboard. stomach doesn’t hurt, but i’m still weak. eating a crazy amount of fruit because it’s the only food that tastes like food in the gluten-free category that i don’t have to grill or cook. :) sigh… this will be a tough blow if it becomes official, but on the other hand, fruit salad just looks yummy and healthy and wonderful!

fruit salad

why 365?