i love this new green packaging from my print lab. the box, ribbon, green card, and tissue paper inside is all made from recycled material and, you guessed it, can be recycled again. :) it has a very organic feel to it and i just love it! unfortunately it’s only available for prints and not for DVDs or coffee table books…but the DVD case itself is so fantastic that it doesn’t really need extra packaging…and the coffee table book will just have to lie there underneath the pretty packaging of the prints above it. :) thankfully, the finao albums also have a similar “green” packaging that is recycled and can be recycled again…now i just have to hope that my clients are the recycling type! :)

green packaging green packaging

also…got these nifty little clear cases for a client who ordered wallets recently. neat! seen on top of her super cute red silk coffee table book. ooo la la.

green packaging