i love this new green packaging from my print lab. the box, ribbon, green card, and tissue paper inside is all made from recycled material and, you guessed it, can be recycled again. :) it has a very organic feel to it and i just love it! unfortunately it’s only available for prints and not for DVDs or coffee table books…but the DVD case itself is so fantastic that it doesn’t really need extra packaging…and the coffee table book will just have to lie there underneath the pretty packaging of the prints above it. :) thankfully, the finao albums also have a similar “green” packaging that is recycled and can be recycled again…now i just have to hope that my clients are the recycling type! :)

green packaging green packaging

also…got these nifty little clear cases for a client who ordered wallets recently. neat! seen on top of her super cute red silk coffee table book. ooo la la.

green packaging

very shortly after i unwrapped my finao for the first time, it was unfortunately forgotten about for a bit while i underwent some crazy medical problems. they’re still in the process of diagnosing me. currently we’re running the range between stomach ulcer and gall bladder failure, take your pick. i’m in and out of pain because i go in and out of equally miserable reactions to the medication, but finally getting in to see a specialist next week. however, in the midst of all the medical mystery drama of april, i forgot about my finao and how i needed to post the rest of the shots. :)

this little beauty is the upgrade from a  wedding photography package with coffee table book to wedding photography package with awesome finao album.

brief low-down on coffee table books VS. albums:


– magazine style pages (kinda thick, glossy, ink printed on uv-coated paper)

– layflat book (so your friends aren’t bending the pages down)

– thin (we’re talking maybe half an inch…maybe)

– choice of 5 colors for the silk cover


– incredibly thick, almost children’s-book-style pages

– it’s an actual photograph! these books are made with an actual photographic print adhered to the cardstock, so the quality of the image in the book is the quality of an actual photograph, instead of ink printed on paper. they’re so awesomely accurate and amazing.

– layflat book (so your friends aren’t bending the pages down)

– thick!! very thick. and HEAVY. kinda like an encyclopedia brittanica but on a smaller scale.

– choice of a bajillion colors! you can have one plain color, or you can do a two-tone color (like the example finao where you pick two colors). you can also choose between leather, vegan alternatives, or printed fabrics. NEAT.

now that you’re well-versed, i’ll show you some product pics that totally don’t do justice to what it’s like to hold this puppy yourself.

finao album finao album finao album finao album finao album finao album finao album finao album


why 365?

love love LOVE my new sample coffee table book! coffee table books are a bit different from albums. the main difference being in the page thickness (more magazine-like for coffee table books, more cardboard-thickness for albums) and the cover (thin silk-cover for coffee table books, thick leather or vegan alternative for albums). of course, coffee table books also have the photographs printed onto the page itself, where an album is actually a large photograph adhered to the cardboard-like pages so the print quality is noticeably different as well.

i offer them both to give a variety of choice and price range to my clients. recently i changed my format a little bit. i used to use backgrounds in my books, but i found that white pages suit me a little better. white doesn’t distract or take anything away from the photographs and it’s much more timeless (not to mention easier to design). so i redesigned a sample set to take to consults. the coffee table book got here yesterday and i love it! the silk is awesome…changing colors slightly depending on the light. can’t wait for the album to get here!

coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book coffee table book

yay! what do you think? :)

why 365?