les paul died today at the age of 94 from complications from pneumonia. he made some awesome guitars. i play acoustic guitar (poorly) so my dad’s les paul feels like picking up a small car or boat. but apparently this dude was totally having concerts in his 90s. how rockin’ is that? way to go, dude. you pioneered some awesome stuff and were rocking in your 90s. so here’s to you, eternalized forever in this plastic statue of slash playing one of your guitars.

054 056

woah oh, sweet les paul of mine…

0552 057

i love macro photography because you can make relatively uninteresting things look so cool. not that this plastic statue of slash isn’t cool or anything, but in real life it looks very much like a tiny, frail, plastic statue. in macro photography slash looks like he’s having himself a good time – and i like that. my favorite part of taking pictures of weddings or engagements it the tiny details in the rings and dresses. composing the shot is my absolute favorite part of photography.

i know that in this blog i write about everything…and most of the time it has little to do with photography although it contains a lot of photography. i use this blog to showcase photographs that i take on a daily basis that show a different side of me than those viewed in my portfolio. sure, if i do a shoot i really love i will post extra pictures in here, but i mainly keep it for topics, updates for family and friends, and showing interesting every day things in a slightly different light.

most photographers have a blog that soley showcases their everyday portraits and work that doesn’t make the cut into their portfolio. however, i have come across several who do what i do – blog about their everyday life and post random pictures. i like that. i can see their best regular work from weddings and portraits in their portfolio, but i love seeing beautiful photographs of random things they have lying around the house that they’re blogging about. a picture of a slash statue is never going to make it into anyone’s portfolio, but doesn’t his photograph deserve to be displayed somewhere too? :)