So I am making a new commitment to the CSP blog that I’ve been finding kinda distracting. The commitment is to stop talking quite so much, and let the pictures tell more of the story than me. I often interrupt the flow of the pictures to explain something, and even I find that pretty distracting, so I’m going to stop that. :) I also am not a huge fan of super long intros… and realize that most people want to just get to the pictures! Let’s see how well I can follow this. :( It’s hard for me to stop talking. :) In order to cut on the long intros, I am also moving the vendor info to the bottom of the page much like the end credits in a movie.

Nicole was our lovely bride and Frank was our handsome groom on this beautiful early fall day. Fabulous weather and a beautiful wedding.  Nicole does drug research while Frank has a MD and is pursuing a career in child psychiatry.  We’re very thankful to have witnessed the marriage of two lovely individuals. Congratulations, Nicole and Frank!

Date: October 1st

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Governor’s Club // Chapel Hill, NC

DJ: Mark McNally of Joe Bunn DJ Company

Florist: Tre Bella

Cake: Sugarland

Coordinator: Lisa Johnson at Governor’s Club