We’d been looking forward to working with Heather and Garrett for such a long time, but even more so when they added a rug into their nursery with dancing Chewbaccas on it. Heather is the very talented artist behind Remember November, Inc., where she uses her badass graphic design skills to make even more badass printed signs and paper products for weddings! Sooo if you’re getting married and you need any signage (invites, table numbers, menus, programs, etc), she’s your girl (visit her Etsy shop!).

In addition to being really talented, she and Garrett also really like Star Wars. In the happiest of all happy parental coincidenes for Star Wars fans, they also named their kid Finn before they knew he was the name of the main character in The Force Awakens. Heather also makes really adorable embroidery as a hobby and has been working her way through a Star Wars alphabet that I’m pretty sure we might just straight up steal from their kid’s bedroom. Until then, here are pictures of us following Heather and Garrett around on a lovely evening in Durham where we talked tv shows and movies and music and discovered that we’re not the only ones watching Bates Motel.

Lindsay is one of my favorite people ever and is probably now one of our most photographed clients as we induct her into the CSP 4 Timers Club! See time one, time two, and time three here. :) Now that I’ve photographed her and Ken a whole bunch, we’re excited to see them welcome a small but presumably really, really, really good looking child into this world. To celebrate this, we had her stand around and contemplate parenthood in the great wilderness of Durham, NC. Don’t let her serene looks fool you as she is truly one of the funniest people we’ve ever met and we love her. Oh, and every once in a while you’ll see Ken in this shoot because he’s an important part of this whole thing, but not quite so important as to be included in the photos while she was in the purple dress (because he wouldn’t match). We love you too, Ken.