Lindsay is one of my favorite people ever and is probably now one of our most photographed clients as we induct her into the CSP 4 Timers Club! See time one, time two, and time three here. :) Now that I’ve photographed her and Ken a whole bunch, we’re excited to see them welcome a small but presumably really, really, really good looking child into this world. To celebrate this, we had her stand around and contemplate parenthood in the great wilderness of Durham, NC. Don’t let her serene looks fool you as she is truly one of the funniest people we’ve ever met and we love her. Oh, and every once in a while you’ll see Ken in this shoot because he’s an important part of this whole thing, but not quite so important as to be included in the photos while she was in the purple dress (because he wouldn’t match). We love you too, Ken.

We spent a lazy Sunday morning at the home of incredibly talented illustration artist Anna, her awesome husband John, their little adorable almost-two-year-old daughter Lou, and happy pup Keva. We knew we’d like them based on Anna’s artwork, but we liked them even more when we saw their house, and even more when we saw their giant red stuffed squid pillow, and even more still when we saw three little dolls all made to look like the three of them even complete with John’s tattoos (a family friend made them). They have a striped tent! They have a little plastic toy Fisher-Price camera! John made Lou a puddle from a hose for her to jump in but she kinda just wanted to throw boats in it! Lou has learned family responsibilities like feeding the dog but just kinda gets dog food all over herself but it’s really cute! Anna can draw bunnies from chalk faster than anyone we’ve ever seen! Go, go admire their cuteness.child laughing with mom and dad child reading with parents girl hiding behind bed dad lifting daughter up parents reading with daughter family family photographers in raleigh durham little girl in house girl looking out window striped children's play tent striped play tent mom in play tent child climbing up to window child looking out window little girl looking out window little kid looking out window teaching child how to tie shoes family dolls family play tent family portrait photographer child with tent mom walking child down the stairs lifestyle family portraits north carolina day in the life family portraits raleigh little girl sitting on stairs mother and daughter child coloring child coloring family coloring at table candid family photography day in the life family portrait session fisher price vintage camera toy daughter talking to mom in living room little kid feeding the dog little kid and dog food father and daughter child playing in living room mother and daughter laughing dad spinning top for daughter family dog piggy back rides girl reading book dad playing with daughter on couch child in kitchen kid putting on rain boots father putting raincoat on daughter little kid in raincoat girl in raincoat candid family portraits durham nc girl rainboots lifestyle family portraits puddle jumping playing in puddles playing in puddles girl in raincoat in puddle family dog playing with chalk playing with chalk girl in raincoat

Jacques is what you might call a “Jacques of All Trades.” And he calls himself that, too. This year he’ll be unifying all the successful stuff he does (comics, photography, and graphic design) under one roof, and we shot some promotional photography for him. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Jacques. He does kicks, like to jump, has people mistaking call him “Haquez,” occasionally wears vampire teeth, and is the mastermind behind the brilliant (and modest) Not So Super Comics. So next time you’re at a comic convention, tell him hello. And if you’re approached on the street by a guy telling you he has comics in the trunk of his car that he wants to give you, you don’t necessarily need to run away. It’s just Jacques.

Man waving Not So Super Comics Promo Images 1980s sunglasses Birthday promo images Fish face and red wall Man working on computer Superman headshot Heel click Vampire teeth Man walking Headshot against green wall Karate kicks Man laughing Not So Super Comics Self promotion Handing out comics Headshot orange wall Shameless self-promotion Working on tablet headshot Freeze frame jump shot City headshot Man with polaroid camera Writing comics Sketching in notebook Not So Super Comics Throwing playing cards Superman silhouette