Jacques is what you might call a “Jacques of All Trades.” And he calls himself that, too. This year he’ll be unifying all the successful stuff he does (comics, photography, and graphic design) under one roof, and we shot some promotional photography¬†for him. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Jacques. He does kicks, like to jump, has people mistaking call him “Haquez,” occasionally wears vampire teeth, and is the mastermind behind the brilliant (and modest) Not So Super Comics. So next time you’re at a comic convention, tell him hello. And if you’re approached on the street by a guy telling you he has comics in the trunk of his car that he wants to give you, you don’t necessarily need to run away. It’s just Jacques.

Man waving Not So Super Comics Promo Images 1980s sunglasses Birthday promo images Fish face and red wall Man working on computer Superman headshot Heel click Vampire teeth Man walking Headshot against green wall Karate kicks Man laughing Not So Super Comics Self promotion Handing out comics Headshot orange wall Shameless self-promotion Working on tablet headshot Freeze frame jump shot City headshot Man with polaroid camera Writing comics Sketching in notebook Not So Super Comics Throwing playing cards Superman silhouette

We tend to be shooting in Raleigh a lot because that’s where most of our clients hail from, so we love, love, love to get the chance to photograph sessions in Durham! It’s a little weird. And a little edgy. And it’s our home, and we love it. So we were happy to get an inquiry from Ashley and Josh who wanted to come explore the Dirty D with us. :)

These two are getting married in Indiana next year (they’re both from there and have known each other since elementary school). Work brought them both down here and they’re lucky enough to work for the same company doing science things (yay for carpooling!). They have cats with science names (Andromeda and Io) and both really love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and other super sciencey science things. Needless to say, we liked them a whole lot even if Carolyn had a hard time understanding their actual occupations (Carolyn, while extremely competent in choir, English, drama, and mock trial… is decidedly bad at science, math, and anything involving numbers, equations, measurements or, in reality, anything that’s useful). We wish Ashley and Josh the best time ever getting married up north in 2014!