We did a shoot with Janice Smith of Big Dog Little Bed Productions way back in 2015 (see it here!) when I was just starting to become the creepily obsessed stalker of her dog named Toby. She wasn’t super concerned about my drooling over his fluffy adorable fluffness at the time but I think over time she’s come to realized just how serious I am about him. I call her from hotel rooms at 11pm to say things like, “Hey Janice! We just made it to Blacksburg! Are you still awake? Can I come see Toby? What’s your room number? Oh… you just got in bed? Okay…I guess I’ll see him tomorrow.” And then I call at 8am to say things like, “Hey Janice! We are awake! Are you awake? Can I come see Toby? You’re downstairs? Okay, we will be right down!” And I’m not totally sure what she thinks about my constant comments on her Instagram regarding him or my texting her to ask about him occasionally but you know what? I don’t really care. Toby is my dog soulmate. My love for him is broken down into several parts:

50% Unreal orange fluff
30% Playing like a total spaz with arms straight out in what I’ve come to call “invisible casts” and romping around like he’s done five lines of cocaine
20% Unrequited love (he does tolerate me and occasionally seek me out for head pats, but part of me enjoys the fact that every single photo I take with him involves him literally rolling his eyes or actively trying to escape)

Anyway, Janice told me that Toby doesn’t like it when girls come on too strong to him, so I’m trying to refrain from making this entire post about him. Janice is a dear friend of ours, an extremely talented female bossy lady videographer, a Durhamite, a lover of pups big and small (the small, also adorable, far more loving and friendly doggo in these pictures is Murphy), a trusted colleague, and a wearer of vests and fanny packs. We have a little too much fun photobombing her at weddings (there are probably many minutes of footage she’s accumulated and cut out) and we love her dearly. It was with great pleasure that we photographed her new promo photos for her wedding and commercial videography company Big Dog Little Bed. She is hilarious and charming and adorable and beautiful and intelligent and can rock 1977 dad glasses like there’s no tomorrow. This shoot makes me smile because Janice makes me smile. Also Toby.

Jacques is what you might call a “Jacques of All Trades.” And he calls himself that, too. This year he’ll be unifying all the successful stuff he does (comics, photography, and graphic design) under one roof, and we shot some promotional photography¬†for him. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Jacques. He does kicks, like to jump, has people mistaking call him “Haquez,” occasionally wears vampire teeth, and is the mastermind behind the brilliant (and modest) Not So Super Comics. So next time you’re at a comic convention, tell him hello. And if you’re approached on the street by a guy telling you he has comics in the trunk of his car that he wants to give you, you don’t necessarily need to run away. It’s just Jacques.

Man waving Not So Super Comics Promo Images 1980s sunglasses Birthday promo images Fish face and red wall Man working on computer Superman headshot Heel click Vampire teeth Man walking Headshot against green wall Karate kicks Man laughing Not So Super Comics Self promotion Handing out comics Headshot orange wall Shameless self-promotion Working on tablet headshot Freeze frame jump shot City headshot Man with polaroid camera Writing comics Sketching in notebook Not So Super Comics Throwing playing cards Superman silhouette