Jacques and Lindsey are back! And you definitely know these guys if you’ve been following us for any period of time. We did a family session with them, their kiddo Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s extended family back in 2014, and then we did a now well-known headshot/promo session with Jacques back in 2015 for his comic book business Not So Super Comics. And now they’re back! They have a new kiddo named Eleanor, and Elizabeth has become a fantastic big sister. This afternoon was all about having the kids spend time with their extended family of grandparents, aunts, and uncles all in once space and having quality family time together. They had fun playing with bubbles, musical instruments, and walking down to the lake. The kids also had a great time showing us their extraordinary homeschool setup brought to you by their awesome teacher-mom Lindsey! It is incredible, and the kids were learning about circuits. Yep, circuits. I don’t even know anything about circuits and I’m 32. It was also about distracting their dad as he tries to work on his upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

That’s righhht, Not So Super Comics fans! A new Kickstarter is coming very, very soon as Not So Super Comics morphs into Not So Super Publishing. Yesss, publishing! Jacques is writing two picture books for little and big kids and adult kids alike called “Gumgah & The Grumpledonk” and another called “The Booger Queen” that are sure to delight. As a previous Kickstarter supporter of Jacques and owner of all his comics, we can say that his writing is fantastic, fun, and thoughtful, and we are so excited to read what he’s come up with! He vows to be a publisher “of fun and inclusive comics, picture books, and art that all kinds of people can enjoy,” and we are so glad to be a part of his project!

We did a few short promo photos for him prior to the family session in order for him to create a Kickstarter video, and we tried to channel all the Reading Rainbow vibes that we could short of inserting animated butterflies (kinda hoping Jacques does that somehow in the final product but no pressure Jacques, I know you probably are busy with, you know, writing).

So go follow Jacques! He is available in all these places. Follow him so you can hear about his Kickstarter news!

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Instagram // Not So Super Publishing

And now I’ll let you guys see his adorable family. We are so happy to have had the chance to work with all of you again, and are anxiously awaiting the new books!

Jacques is what you might call a “Jacques of All Trades.” And he calls himself that, too. This year he’ll be unifying all the successful stuff he does (comics, photography, and graphic design) under one roof, and we shot some promotional photography¬†for him. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Jacques. He does kicks, like to jump, has people mistaking call him “Haquez,” occasionally wears vampire teeth, and is the mastermind behind the brilliant (and modest) Not So Super Comics. So next time you’re at a comic convention, tell him hello. And if you’re approached on the street by a guy telling you he has comics in the trunk of his car that he wants to give you, you don’t necessarily need to run away. It’s just Jacques.

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