Amber and Nick are a stunner of a couple with design sense to boot. Nick’s an architect who designed their entire home in all its fabulous, making-us-jealous-with-all-its-clean-lines glory. He now has his own architecture business doing rad things for other people’s homes too when he’s not chilling in his beautiful, beautiful furniture. Amber is a nurse who has a tattoo sleeve of Charlie Harper animal images that I’ve been secretly coveting from afar since seeing her wedding photos online a couple years ago. That’s right… oddly enough, without knowing Amber at all but having seen her wedding photos online, I’ve had a picture of her saved in a secret Pinterest folder devoted to my non-existant tattoo that I’m always thinking about. She wore long sleeves for the session with us, and I didn’t make the connection until I saw a framed picture of one of their wedding photos on a shelf and saw her tattoo and was like “YOU ARE THE TATTOO GIRL!!!” And then tried to explain in the least creepy, non-stalkerish way possible how I have a picture of her saved on my computer because I really like her tattoos. I’m not sure how uncreepy this explanation sounded (pretty sure it sounded fairly creepy) but it was pretty amazing to meet my tattoo idol in real life. Together we photographed them hanging around at the NCMA park as well as in their gorgeous home, documenting their relationship with each other and what will be their third child. Also their two adorable, hilarious doggos were also present in the house and we delighted in them running quickly and sliding across the slick floor like a couple toddlers in socks. So happy to be a part of this particular time in Amber+Nick’s life! Thanks, guys!