Katie and Geno are two beautiful and wonderful people who have one of the most ridiculously silly dogs we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They recently got engaged and, both being from Pittsburgh, PA, are having the wedding up in the ‘Burgh, but wanted their engagement session to reflect where they currently live down south. We had planned on shooting in Raleigh until an event being held in the exact spot they wanted to shoot in spoiled our plans, so we traveled up to Wake Forest instead to shoot a bit of their session at their place and downtown. Bentley, their very southern dog, accompanied us and spent his time alternating between being adorable and barking at Geoff (it was Bentley’s birthday so he could do what he wanted). We all ran around Wake Forest and got to know each other and how awesome and sweet Katie and Geno are, and how much fun they have together, except when Katie is watching the Hunger Games at night and the screaming occasionally keeps Geno awake. :D We wish these guys the very best for their wedding up north and we were happy to be a part of their engagement¬†down south!