Morgan and Jim!! They are back on the blog after their 2011 wedding and after Morgan’s mom, Louise, has declared herself the leader of our unofficial fan club ever since. :)

Morgan and Jim are our buddies in the ‘Burgh and some of our favorite people. To celebrate their ‘Burghness, the original plan was to take their photos in Regent Square near where they used to live. However, February in Pittsburgh had other plans and decided to snow on us, but not that pretty, light fluffy snow… more the wet, slushy, everyone ends up looking like they just came out of the shower snow. So we got a little way through and then called it quits, only to resume this past weekend at their (freaking adorable!) house in Springdale. So if Jim looks like he shaved and got a hair cut in between location changes, he did.

Also enter Charlie and Big Snack. Big Snack’s real name is Murphy, but I refuse to call him that because Big Snack is too much of an awesome nickname to not use it. Both are gray, adorable kittehs. Charles is the one who clearly doesn’t mind modeling. Big Snack is the one who is terrified of the camera and, ahem, the larger kitty… hence the big snacking. Both joined their parents for their photoshoot in their house and made their lovely home even more cuddly and lovely, if possible, because it’s super cute already since Morgan actually does the projects she puts on Pinterest… unlike the rest of us. :(