We received an email from a woman named Teresa a couple of months ago who was attempting to gather information from different photographers for her friend Romey. Romey wasn’t sure they wanted a photographer and Teresa was sleuthing around gathering intel in an attempt to change Romey’s mind. :) Eventually she did just that, and we were kindly invited to photograph an intimate evening ceremony and dinner reception at Death & Taxes in downtown Raleigh. Well, it’s kind of Death & Taxes. They have an upstairs portion called the Bridge Club which is where this was all held, and it’s a lovely room with large windows looking out over downtown. We met them shortly before their ceremony where Joe quickly won us over with his impressive beard and work history in video games, and Romey quickly won me over by wearing 101 Dalmations canvas shoes. I was disappointed when she changed into glitter heels, no matter how lovely, because, come on, 101 Dalmations. They were married in a beautiful and hilarious ceremony under a gorgeous flower arch, and then they fed us a bunch of seriously amazing food. Like, a whole lot of great food. Plates and plates! I think I’ve been dreaming of the twice baked mashed potatoes ever since. We’re thankful Teresa convinced them to hire us because the mashed potatoes were that good. But also because Romey and Joe are pretty amazing themselves. :)

  • Date: February 12, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Death & Taxes 3rd Floor Bridge Club // Raleigh, NC
  • Romey’s Occupation: Accountant
  • Joe’s Occupation: Business Development
  • How You Met: Match.com. Romey “winked” at Joe!
  • Interesting Fact: These questions are the hardest to answer.
  • Honeymoon: Hawaii in March
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Chris Donahue | Florist – Fresh Affairs | Cake – Death & Taxes/Bridge Club | Caterer – Death & Taxes/Bridge Club