roadtrip ready sunglasses. heading up to DC for the day tomorrow and my sunglasses are all set.

currently i’m using photoshop to edit photographs taken on my phone (i have the droid). i downloaded the picsay app, but i can’t seem to edit photographs on a 3″ screen without second guessing myself and/or going insane. any photogs use something different or have any tips?


why 365?

day 23/365

just got into pittsburgh! took some traveling shots along the way. long exposures are always super fun and a good way to keep yourself amused on a 9 hour car ride when you’re not driving. :)

pgh6 pgh5 pgh1 pgh4 pgh3 pgh2

annnnnd…we’re here. :) bloggin’ from the ‘burgh for the next few days! keep it sunny, raleigh.

why 365?