softbox saturday.

i’ve been doing some more lighting experiments lately. this friday i found myself in peace camera downtown buying way too much expensive equipment. now i have to lug around all my equipment in geoff’s wheeling catcher’s bag in order to carry it all. but now i have lighting for every possible scenario ever!!… for now. :)

so this weekend i am doing 3 portrait shoots that i’m super excited about (images will be posted later this week). the lighting will be vastly different from the majority of my work but vastly improved (in my opinion). i am pretty much always learning when it comes to photography (and everything else)… and am looking forward to getting some new material in my portrait section.

we unfortunately had to reschedule the trash the dress session while we wait to get a shooting permit at american tobacco, but it should still happen before the end of the month… and i am so looking forward to that!

so some of this lighting equipment is basically like a giant play tent for cats that you put a flash in and hoist upon a light stand… a very expensive play tent for cats. needless to say, we were hesitant to take it apart and put it back together frequently (because we all know what a pain assembling and disassembling a tent is) so we had to lock the giant thing in several different rooms to avoid the kittens shredding it to pieces and/or mistaking it for some sort of foily litter box.

playing in the street at midnight:

052come into the light, carol anne.



geoff… being a good assistant and standing in the middle of the road. “car!”….


“…game on!.”