This session was so much fun. I’ve been waiting to meet sweet Maya for a while now and she did not disappoint in her adorableness. This baby is so cute. SO CUTE. One of her favorite things is intentionally falling down on her parents’ bed repeatedly, and also looking at herself in the mirror while sitting in the dog’s bed. She is just fantastic and so are her moms, who I missed so much and was so glad to reunite with! We read books and swung in hammocks and ate bananas and gave cheese to pups and rode in wagons while singing songs about riding in wagons. It was a truly hot day, so we made two brief ventures outside before we all said “nah” and stayed indoors instead. Maya kept us all smiling and laughing despite the heat and our sadness of how Succession is over. I’m so glad I got to photograph this beautiful family in their gorgeous home at this stage in their lives! Plus I learned a new song about wagons.