Hannah and David had a wonderful afternoon wedding at the Cotton Room. Both of them are absolute pictures of calm. The 100% cool and collected expression Hannah is wearing through this entire blog post is not carefully curated; she was just like that all of the time. And I’m pretty sure she can give Tyra a run for the money in a closed-mouth-smile competition. Also, she kind of reminds me of Natalie Portman. Plus, she wore a lace dress with this awesome detachable skirt thing made of tulle. It’s kind of like a veil, but for the lower half of your body instead of your head. I love Hannah and it is obvious.

It is also very obvious that David loves Hannah, as he spent most of the day lovingly gazing at her and why wouldn’t he?! Of course he would. David is wonderfully kind and charming and was so sweet to us all day… making sure we ate and were okay and thanking us for being there. They are just the best. It’s kind of how I picture the wedding of any sort of royal prince and princess in maybe England or something. Is that weird? Maybe. Anyway, we had a lovely time, and then dragged poor Hannah and David into the mosquito infested woods of Durham to take pictures of them post-wedding (yes, both of them looked this good after their entire wedding, which is pretty unbelievable). Congratulations to two wonderful people – we were so happy to photograph your wedding!

  • Date: October 1, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Cotton Room // Durham, NC
  • First Dance Song: “Forever” – Ben Harper
  • Hannah’s Occupation: CPA
  • David’s Occupation: Renewable Energy Business Development
  • How You Met: Slim’s Downtown Raleigh – first met and then met again a year later at which point we started dating
  • Interesting Fact: David loves dogs and is allergic to cats but has grown quite fond of Hannah’s cat. The dog and cat have grown quite fond of one another too!   Hannah is a vegetarian. David is not – but graciously compliments each vegetarian dinner Hannah makes – even when he wishes they contain meat :)
  • Honeymoon: Sedona, AZ
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Felix (Tony) Futtrell. DJ – Island Sound (Frankie). Florist – English Garden. Cake – Ashley Cakes. Caterer – The Cotton Room/Triangle Catering. Hair/Makeup – Makeup for Your Day. Coordinator – Shelley Clayton. Exit Car – Dave’s Car.

Amy and Jeff are amazing and hilarious people and definitely saw to it that both Geoff and myself had a wonderful day alongside them and the rest of their family and friends. I’d be out of eyesight with Amy when I’d hear her shout, “Carolyn!” and I’d shout back, “Yeah!” and she’d shout, “I appreciate you!” and I’d shout, “I appreciate you too!” and it went on like that for a good while (when she wasn’t busy doing yoga moves). They’re both generous, lovely, and just so ridiculously nice to not only us but everyone else they encountered and managed to stay that way through the entire planning process and wedding day.

This was our first wedding at the Cotton Room where it didn’t rain (!!). It threatened to, but it held off and sent in its place a substantial amount of wind. The wind did a few wrestling moves with Amy’s veil throughout the photos but stayed on her head nonetheless… and eventually the clouds and wind parted to fill the giant windows in their venue with light for their ceremony.

We are so thrilled for Amy and Jeff (and their adorable dog who is happy to have his dog-parents newly married) and just a tiny bit jealous of their awesome honeymoon to New Zealand and Bora Bora while we sit here in the rain in Durham…. but we forgive them anyway because they’re so nice. :)

 Date: March 30, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Cotton Room // Durham, NC

First Dance Song: “All of Me” – John Legend

Amy’s Occupation: Business Development Director at an engineering consulting firm

Jeff’s Occupation: Business & technology consultant

How You Met: Amy hit on Jeff at the gym…and then forced her number on him :)

Interesting Bride Fact: Amy used to believe that her name was spelled A-M-Y-Q- . (period)  She is generally uncoordinated but very enthusiastic.

Interesting Groom Fact: Jeff’s dream job is to be a LEGO designer!  He is also generally athletic.

Honeymoon Destination: Auckland, NZ and then on to Bora Bora!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Barbara Lodge | DJ – All Around Raleigh DJ | Florist – Triangle Catering | Catering – Triangle Catering | Hair – Blo Salon | Makeup – Janise Carter | Coordinator – Amalia Sarnecki-Ackley of the Cotton Room