We feel like if there’s one city in the whole U.S. that really sums up our soullllls, it would be New Orleans (we have bats in our logo for crying out loud). And we also feel like if there’s one group of people in the whole world who we really and truly adore, it would be Australians (there aren’t kangaroos in our logo yet but we’re working on it). And if there’s one country in the world that we may have to move to because of election results, it would be Canada (rebrand idea: bats carrying kangaroos who are holding maple syrup in their pouches?). So when a Canadian (Jessie) and an Australian (Phill) emailed us to shoot their wedding in New Orleans, we said YESSSSsssss and got really ridiculously excited. Here’s our highlight reel.

First: fun accents. There were 85+ people at this wedding, and only 3 Americans. You can assume that the rest had fun accents and were also delightful people. We didn’t ask Phill to say “didgeridoo” during the photos, but we kept that as our secret weapon in our pockets in case we needed to make him smile. Turns out that Jessie makes him smile just fine, so now we can save that trick for our next Aussie.

Second: The Pharmacy Museum. Their reception was at the fabulous Race & Religious (that’s how Jessie found us… through our work for this other Jessie) but we were so excited to get to finally go to the Pharmacy Museum, where their ceremony was held! It was closed last time we were in Nola, but we thought it looked fabulous, and it is! It is basically a museum of old medical stuff that makes you a little woozy if you think about any of it too hard. Leeches! Voodoo! Questionable medical practices! And that last phrase is straight off of their website because they know it’s true.

Third: A SECOND LINE! Words truly can’t describe my excitement for this, and how it actually lived up to my excessive expectations of marching through the French Quarter in New Orleans with a Mint Julep and a very loud brass band. One of the best moments of my career, and in the top 5 of my life. Everyone should experience this in New Orleans, and we’re so glad we did.

Fourth: A cake made entirely out of cheese. I really don’t have to explain this one to you.

It rained, it was cold, plans got all switched around, inside out and upside down. But there was a cake made entirely of cheese and a second line and a museum full of questionable medical practices and more Australians and Canadians than I’ve ever seen in my life all in one room at one time and we were in NEW ORLEANS, YA’LL. A huge international hug to Jessie and Phill, their parents, and our 100% A+ troopers of a wedding party who allowed me to put them in traffic in the rain in 40 degree weather and still managed to be happy. We are so honored and thrilled to have spent this weekend with you and we love you! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Date: January 6, 2017
  • Ceremony Venue: The Pharmacy Museum // New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Reception Venue: Race & Religious // New Orleans, Louisiana
  • First Dance Song: “Your Song” – Ellie Goulding
  • Jessie’s Occupation: Doctor
  • Phill’s Occupation: Yacht Captain
  • How You Met: In the Galapagos Islands. I was volunteering at a hospital there so she could get a longer permit to stay and play with turtles! Phill’s boat got stuck waiting for a part to ship from Ecuador. We met in the only bar on Santa Cruz when Phill got the chef on his boat to come talk to me for him.
  • Interesting Fact: We worked on a boat together for a year and sailed from New Zealand, through the South Pacific to the Caribbean!
  • Honeymoon: Japan!
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Rosalie Mortillaro. Ceremony Harpist – Ashley Toman. Second Line – Kinfolk Brass Band. Reception Band – Nola Dukes Band. Florist – Leaf + Petal. Cake Made Entirely of Cheese Wheels – Joel’s Catering. Caterer – Joel’s Catering. Hair/Makeup – Everett Brannon of Preaux Face. Videographer – Lonely Eskimo Films. Coordinator – Madeline Langlinais of Mint Julep Productions. Photobooth – GoGo PhotoBooth.

When Jess and Steve e-mailed us to inquire about our availability to photograph a wedding in New Orleans, we did a lot of happy dances. So, so many happy dances. We’ve always wanted to visit Louisiana, and we knew New Orleans would provide the insanely varied and funky backdrop to a million killer wedding photos, but I’m not sure we realized just how awesome it would actually be. We estimated about a 10/10 on the awesome scale, but it ended up being more like a 51/10.

Their wedding venue was Race+Religious (on the corners of, you guessed it, Race and Religious streets) in the Lower Garden District. We were lucky enough to grab the Air BnB available next door so we literally walked about 5 feet to the wedding (best commute ever). And we spent the days before the wedding in awe of the venue, the Garden District, the French Quarter, and every other place we visited in New Orleans. Everything is old. Old, tilted, crumbling, peeling. Everything is a million different colors. The paint on buildings is chipped away to reveal concrete which is peeled away to reveal brick. There are palm trees and huge oaks destroying the sidewalks and ferns everywhere. It was like someone went inside my head and thought up the most visually interesting place for me ever and then put it in a city and a venue. I certainly left part of my heart there for sure as it’s basically an entire city devoted to the holiday of Halloween, and we all know how I feel about that. Bats bats bats.

Anyway – besides loving New Orleans and Race+Religious, we love Jess and Steve. A lot. They’re cooler than we could ever probably achieve, and it shows. Look at her dress! And the little tiny pictures she hand painted for her tables! And who can forget the pool donut? Also, her head smelled really great all day, so there’s that. Jess and Steve – thank you for bringing us to this fabulous city and showing us an amazing time. We heart you a lot.

  • Date: June 27, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Race+Religious // New Orleans, LA
  • First Dance Song: “Joy” – Iron & Wine
  • Honeymoon: Minimoon in Shenandoah National Park
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Legit Officiant Andrew Pattison | Florist – Poppy & Mint | Cake – Pure Cake | Caterer – Joel’s