This was our first time photographing a wedding in Wilmington… despite frequenting the beach there as much as humanly possible. ;) And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves… not just because it was our first venture to the beach this year, but also because it was KP (Kristi) and Todd’s wedding! And we love them!

KP and Todd are referrals that came to us from the outstanding Lori+Hassan who were married in Manteo last year directly after Hurricane Irene. Their wedding venue at 108 Budleigh was under 4 feet of water right before their wedding. Ironically, KP’s wedding venue almost burned down a few days before her wedding. She sent me an email literally stating, “Guuurrrlllll, we almost had an incident yesterday”… which I still crack up thinking about, because most people (myself included) would have been much more… explicit… in our phrasing… and it would go something more like, “$*&@(@*&@#!^!$(!??$@#*#@ My venue almost burned downnnnnn!!!!!” (See the picture she sent me via Facebook here).

But not KP. Because KP and Todd are totally calm, cool, collected… and everyone was totally chill. Fire? What fire? It’s all good. We figured as long as there weren’t any cockatoos involved this year that the wedding would go smoothly no matter what (a joke… both Todd and Geoff had run-ins with the pet cockatoo in the hotel at Lori and Hassan’s wedding, bahaha). To make a very long story short – KP and Todd have known each other for a very long time, but stalking each other on Facebook truly brought them together (although it’s a point of contention as to who stalked who first, who stalked who more, etc.). They are just the sweetest pair together and separately… both of them having that complete and utter southern charm and using it widespread and consistently (hence the “Guuurrrlllll, we almost had an incident” when writing about your wedding venue coming close to being nonexistent).

KP and Todd – you are amazing and your relationship is incredibly strong and good. The couple who eats Chik-fil-A ice cream stays together.

First Dance: Sister Hazel

Bride’s Occupation: Pharmaceutical Research

Groom’s Occupation: Health Care Revenue Recovery Manager

How You Met: Have known each other for 13+ years

Honeymoon Destination: Cabo San Lucas

Date: April 21, 2012

Ceremony Venue: Wrightsville United Methodist Church // Wilmington, NC

Reception Venue: Cameron Art Museum // Wilmington, NC

Officiant: Bob Bauman

DJ: Active Entertainment

Florist: Jimmy Lockamy

Cake: Nancy Hem

Caterer: Angie’s Catering

Hair/Makeup: Clinique/Kristi

Videographer: USC Web and Video Productions