Yet another blast from Geoff’s high school past is gracing us with their presence on the blog today! Katie was Geoff’s friend from high school, the younger sister of a couple of his other friends, and she ended up running in the same circle as many of my high school friends as well, so we’ve both known her for a long time (she looks exactly the same). This was our first time meeting her pretty darn awesome fiancé Eric, and all of our first times playing bongos on the Roberto Clemente bridge (well… I think it was a first time for all of us anyway). They fed the ducks and geese. The geese kinda attacked Eric. We ran from the geese. We took some pictures on the North Shore next to the stadium of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and then ran on over to the Strip District to take some cool shots by the Acme Banana Co., which was apparently a lifelong engagement session dream of Katie… who adores this abandoned building simply because of its name (and adores it less for its abundance of creepy spiders). Katie and Eric stood around and modeled for us and looked ridiculously good looking. A good time was had by all… except for that part with the geese. We wish these two the best of the best at their wedding in the fall and in their awesome life!

Before her wedding, Kathryn had 1.) a nightmare that we didn’t show up and 2.) a nightmare that I wrote something really terrible about her on our blog. We successfully avoided nightmare #1 – we did, indeed, show up to photograph her wedding. Now it’s time for nightmare #2! ::drumroll please::

Kathryn is…  Ummmm. Kathryn’s wedding was… ahhh….

Nope. I’ve got nothing. Nothing terrible to say at all. :( Nightmare #2 has been debunked. ;) It’s safe to continuing reading now, Kat… all your fears have been dispelled!

We met a long time ago. Kathryn and I went to school together (middle and high school) and got in trouble a lot in class. I remember getting in trouble in some sort of high school class where she sat in front of me. She remembers getting in trouble in 8th grade art class, specifically, from copying my paper. We talked a lot and teachers didn’t like us so much for that. :) Kathryn graduated a year ahead of me and I bid adieu at the time to my lovely friend.

We have been reunited over her wedding and it was an honor to join her and her fantastic husband Mike at their wedding. Brittany, her maid of honor was also a friend of mine from middle/high school (and we went to go see our first concert together which was Ringo Starr… sorry if I just publicly embarrassed you, Brittany). Geoff and I loved meeting and getting to know Mike, who is a fantastic fit for Kathryn, and an all-around general super nice and personable human being. We with them nothing but the best of luck and happiness in their lives and with their two pups!

Date: February 16, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Jay Verno Studios // Pittsburgh, PA

First Dance Song: “A Woman Like You” – Lee Brice

Kathryn’s Occupation: Yearbook Sales Representative

Mike’s Occupation: Project Manager at a concrete company

How You Met:

Interesting Bride Fact: Still sleeps with a blankey and brings it everywhere.

Interesting Groom Fact: Is deathly afraid of small birds and think they’re going to take over the world.

Honeymoon Location: Our house and then maybe Antigua

Vendor Credits: DJ – Eric Schiemer // Florist – Vicki Larson // Cake – Oakmont Bakery // Caterer – Amelia’s Elegant Catering // Hair&Makeup – Brooke Rockwell and Mac