so when we were at the beach we spotted these crazy lizards on our deck. they were green but had stretchy red skin under their mouths that would puff out every time they breathed. sweet!:

beach-061-copy“hey ladies.”

anyway – they’re called carolina anoles and they are awesome. they can change colors kind of like a chameleon, but they can’t change their color to match whatever they’re on. they pretty much alternate between bright green and brown. sometimes they have awesome stripes and blue eyes:


beach-072-copy“no one knows what it’s like.”

they hopped around our decks all week and jumped into trees when they saw us coming. pretty cool little dudes. just part of our wildlife adventures. geoff and laura saw several bald eagles while i was driving. despite my swerving and my shouts of, “WHERE? WHERE?” i saw nothing.

and of course, despite my promises of updating every day, i forgot to update yesterday. but it was friday, ok? that should be a given. we went out to dinner with geoff’s cousin and his wife and then saw the hangover. it’s an amazing movie.

– carolynbeach-274-copy