Jess+Steve // Wedding in New Orleans, LA

When Jess and Steve e-mailed us to inquire about our availability to photograph a wedding in New Orleans, we did a lot of happy dances. So, so many happy dances. We’ve always wanted to visit Louisiana, and we knew New Orleans would provide the insanely varied and funky backdrop to a million killer wedding photos, but I’m not sure we realized just how awesome it would actually be. We estimated about a 10/10 on the awesome scale, but it ended up being more like a 51/10.

Their wedding venue was Race+Religious (on the corners of, you guessed it, Race and Religious streets) in the Lower Garden District. We were lucky enough to grab the Air BnB available next door so we literally walked about 5 feet to the wedding (best commute ever). And we spent the days before the wedding in awe of the venue, the Garden District, the French Quarter, and every other place we visited in New Orleans. Everything is old. Old, tilted, crumbling, peeling. Everything is a million different colors. The paint on buildings is chipped away to reveal concrete which is peeled away to reveal brick. There are palm trees and huge oaks destroying the sidewalks and ferns everywhere. It was like someone went inside my head and thought up the most visually interesting place for me ever and then put it in a city and a venue. I certainly left part of my heart there for sure as it’s basically an entire city devoted to the holiday of Halloween, and we all know how I feel about that. Bats bats bats.

Anyway – besides loving New Orleans and Race+Religious, we love Jess and Steve. A lot. They’re cooler than we could ever probably achieve, and it shows. Look at her dress! And the little tiny pictures she hand painted for her tables! And who can forget the pool donut? Also, her head smelled really great all day, so there’s that. Jess and Steve – thank you for bringing us to this fabulous city and showing us an amazing time. We heart you a lot.

Race+Religious Wedding Venue Shuttered window in New Orleans Blue gray wedding dress Groom putting on shoes Interior of Race+Religious Wedding Venue Groom getting ready Bride getting ready Race and Religious New Orleans Groom tying shoes Bride putting on makeup Buildings in Lower Garden District NOLA Interior of Race and Religious NOLA Groom tying tie Tile floor Bride putting on makeup in Race + Religious Brick and concrete building Groom getting dressed for wedding Bride curling hair in mirror Mother pinning boutonniere onto son Interior photographs of Race+Religious Bride putting on makeup in mirror Bride getting dress off hanger Religious figure inside Race+Religious Bride putting on dress Groom folding handerchief Bride putting on lipstick and sunflower bouquet Bride wearing flower crown Groom standing in kitchen Bride in flower crown walking down stairs Handprinted Welcome to our Wedding sign Bride walking down stairs First look at wedding Rugs and exterior of building photographs Wedding at Race+Religious in New Orleans LA Wedding photographers in New Orleans LA Wedding venues in NOLA Cool wedding venue in New Orleans LA Bride and groom portrait Race+Religious wedding photographs Wedding portraits at Race+Religious NOLA Wedding photographers in New Orleans Bride wearing flower crown Bride and groom standing near window Unique wedding in New Orleans Poolside wedding reception New Orleans Poolside wedding NOLA Race+Religious Handprinted table numbers Wedding guest arriving Indoor wedding at Race+Religious Indoor wedding ceremony at Race+Religious Indoor wedding ceremony at Race and Religious Indoor wedding ceremony at Race and Religious New Orleans NOLA wedding ceremony venues New Orleans wedding ceremony venues Bride putting ring on groom First kiss at wedding Wedding ceremony venue locations in New Orleans Wedding ceremony locations in New Orleans Flower crown and shoes Groom talking to grandmother Bride fixing her dress Bride in blue gray wedding dress and flower crown Unique and quirky wedding in New Orleans Wedding portraits at Race and Religious LA Bridal portrait at Race and Religious Groom portrait at Race and Religious Wedding portrait in New Orleans Groom portrait in New Orleans Bride and groom photographs in New Orleans Bride wearing flower crown Fox acrobats cake toppers New Orleans wedding photographers Portrait of groom on wedding day New Orleans wedding Inflatable donut at wedding Black and white portraits of bride and groom Bride speaking with grandmother Poolside wedding reception NOLA Race and Religious wedding venue NOLA Bartender in New Orleans Outdoor wedding reception New Orleans Wedding guests talking Wedding guests talking Wedding guests talking Poolside wedding reception Wedding reception at Race+Religious Donut in pool at Race and Religious Family talking at wedding Swimming pool gif Girl in pool at Race and Religious People laughing at wedding Guests talking at wedding Girl in pool at Race and Religious Race and Religious wedding venue New Orleans Rainy wedding reception clear tents Bride laughing during speech Storm coming in New Orleans Storm coming in New Orleans First dance as husband and wife Donut in pool Wedding reception Race and Religious Girl dancing at wedding Race and Religious pool Wedding reception dancing Bride dancing Sparkler exit Race and Religious
  • Date: June 27, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Race+Religious // New Orleans, LA
  • First Dance Song: “Joy” – Iron & Wine
  • Honeymoon: Minimoon in Shenandoah National Park
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Legit Officiant Andrew Pattison | Florist – Poppy & Mint | Cake – Pure Cake | Caterer – Joel’s

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      You are so very welcome, thank you so much for being fantastic yourself and so helpful all day!


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