Kate and Parag have never met a curry they didn’t like. And it’s a good thing too as their wedding ceremony food was some of the best we’ve ever eaten. They had an American buffet with barbecue! They had an Indian buffet with curry and some other stuff I couldn’t pronounce but was absolutely delicious! They had cake! They had puddings! They had a sundae bar! They had a tater tot bar! This is the first wedding (and potentially only wedding in the foreseeable future) where we literally left so full that we did not eat nachos when we got home. That’s right. No nachos. I don’t know how to explain to all of you the significance of that, only to say that we’ve shot at least 200-some weddings at this point, and we eat nachos after ever single one. So their food was good. SO good.

And Kate and Parag are also SO GOOD. They are perfect for each other and make each other laugh often. Kate has a wonderful set of perfect teeth so it’s good that Parag keeps her laughing so we can admire them. This was their second wedding to each other. Their first was a traditional Hindu ceremony, and this was their American and Indian fusion wedding. Kate sent me the pictures from their first one which were amazing, and Kate wore a really incredible nose ring that was so large it defied the laws of gravity. Their Indian-fusion wedding was lacking in the nose ring department, but it made up for it with amazing henna designs in the shape of little elephants and brilliant colors sprinkled all over their ceremony and reception. There were traditional Indian dances and American popcorn next to the Durham Bull’s old baseball field. The little kids dismantled their incredible floral altar during the reception and threw repeatedly threw the flowers down Parag’s suit jacket, and they danced away the night with their fabulous family and friends. We are thrilled to have been part of Kate and Parag’s awesome fusion wedding, and so glad they came down from DC to celebrate in Durham!

– Date: September 30, 2017
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Rickhouse // Durham, NC
– First Dance Song: “There She Goes” – The La’s
– Kate’s Occupation: Graduate Program Coordinator at George Washington University
– Parag’s Occupation: Director of Pharmacokinetics at the National Institutes of Health
– How You Met: Online! Back when OkCupid was a thing.
– Interesting Fact: This is our second wedding! We had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony this past June – Kate wore an enormous clip-on hoop nose ring. Parag wore Aladdin shoes. It was baller.
– Honeymoon: India and Thailand
– Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Sue Hudson. DJ – Alex from Vox DJ Company. Florist – Tre Bella Florist. Cake – Edible Art Bakery. Caterer – Southern Harvest Catering Company and Raaga. Hair/Makeup – Bella Trio Studio. Videographer – Elegant Imagez. Coordinator – Kelli from The Perfect Plan. Lighting – Get Lit. Photobooth – ZimZoom.

Our time with Kelly and Steven was way too short and they spent their wedding day talking to WAY too many people that weren’t us (how rude!) so at some point we’re going to have to visit them out in California and force a long-distance friendship upon them because they love zombies and Game of Thrones. I believe that zombies were mentioned several times in speeches and so they are our people. And it’s wonderful that their general nerddom is widely known, accepted, and loved by their family and friends.

We hadn’t met with Kelly or Steven before their wedding, and I believe that booking them went something like this:
1.) Kelly inquires. Carolyn responds.
2.) Another couple inquires for the same date a few hours later. Carolyn responds to both this couple and to Kelly and Steven, letting them know multiple people are looking at the same date.
3.) Kelly frantically calls 0.025 seconds after the e-mail reaches her inbox, leaving a desperate and panicked voicemail for us.
4.) Carolyn calls Kelly back and she swoops up the date.

It’s always really humbling and wonderful when someone really loves your work and wants to book you, but Kelly and Steven were a whole other level and made us feel so welcome!! To evidence my perpetual undervaluing of ourselves, Kelly said, “I’m so glad you’re here!” while she was getting ready, and I believe I looked around the room and said, “Who, me?” after a 10 second pause. It is SO NICE to be appreciated and to work with clients who treat you like family even though you just met! I’m sad that these two live in California, but I’m happy to feel like we now have friends across the country who also like zombies.

Kelly and Steven are two perfect peas in a pod. They’re nerdy, adorable, and have a height difference that Geoff and I can relate to. They love dancing and chose Eric Hodgden to keep their party going, which is always an excellent choice! They also had the BEST TEAM of flower girls and ring bearers. I did not make one single member of this team cry! And for those who follow our work, you’ll know that I’m always making some flower girl or ring bearer visibly miserable. Not these guys. They were hilarious, but also really helpful, and adorable 100% of the time. There was delicious food and sparkly lights in a tree and a BEAUTIFUL bride and handsome groom, and also a really cute stuffed reindeer. We love you, Kelly and Steven! Thank you for being supportive and AMAZING clients!

– Date: September 16, 2017
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Sutherland // Wake Forest, NC
– First Dance Song: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – Sleeping at Last
– Kelly’s Occupation: Manager for a power wheelchair company
– Steven’s Occupation: 3D Graphic Artist
– How You Met: Match.com
– Interesting Fact: We love travelling, rescuing dogs, and practicing zombie survival skills.
– Vendor Credits: Pastor – Jeff Babajtis. DJ – Eric Hodgden of All Around DJ Company. Florist – Lyn of Fresh Affairs. Cake – Ashley of Ashley Cakes. Caterer – Vicki with Rocky Top Catering. Hair/Makeup – Makeup For Your Day. Coordinator – Christy Ethridge of The Sutherland.

When you get a wedding inquiry from a badass lady who likes you and color and Seinfeld and Boone and is also a member of a Durham band called GOWN that’s described as “an all wommmmin punk hardcare metallic band made up of blood sucking druids” you take it immediately. Then you find out that their venue is a summer camp in Blowing Rock and your head kinda explodessss at the adorable lake and cabins and little tiny open air chapel and you are SO EXCITED! And then you find out that both her and her fiance are long hair heroes… true champions of Pantene Pro-V wonderfulness who you’re excited to photograph because they look really awesome and also like they’re in a couple great metal bands which, oh wait, they both actually are ::insert shredding solo here::.

And then you show up in Blowing Rock and meet your long haired heroes in REAL LIFE and they are SO NICE and just adopted a super cute BLACK CAT and Alex has a beautiful bouquet made of DRIED FLOWERS(!!!) and all of their glassware and plates are MISMATCHED and COLORFUL and David’s hair is FLOWING and SOFT and their wedding colors are EVERYTHING FALL and you sigh because these… these are your people. And you take their photos on a pretty lake surrounded by a fire pit and animal cracker appetizers and a toddler in a Cannibal Corpse onesie. And you take their photos while they dance inside the old summer camp dining hall to David Bowie deep cuts. And later they see their preview pictures and pronounce that they’re “so Twin Peaksesque,” which may be the highest praise our work has yet received. So gaze upon them, my friends. Alex and David are like the universe heard whisperings of the perfect clients for us and formed them out of star stuff a la a Carl Sagan documentary and put them in Blowing Rock for us to photograph. Thanks, Carl.

– Date: September 9, 2017
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: Camp Sky Ranch // Blowing Rock, NC
– First Dance Song: “As the World Falls Down” and “Be My Wife” by David Bowie
– How You Met: Outside the music building at UNC Chapel Hill.
– Interesting Fact: We’re both classical musicians (cello and guitar) but also are both currently drummers in bands! (David taught Alex how to play)
– Honeymoon: Seattle, WA
– Vendor Credits: Officiant – Ken Craig (father of the bride). DJ – Our iPod. Florist – The bride’s mom. Bouquet+Boutonniere – Westerwisp. Pies – The Gamekeeper. Caterer – The Gamekeeper. Hair/Makeup – Haircut 101 with Jezabel Lebatard. Coordinator – Meris Gantt of The Whole Shebang. Dress – Cathy Telle. Glassware – Miss Match Rentals.