A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (November, sometime, in Durham), Molly and Trevor (now of internet fame for this dress and this apartment) were married in a super secret wedding at the courthouse. Although now, looking back on it, I’m not entirely sure that it was for marriage reasons or if it was just an excuse to dress up and taking pictures with their dogs… and also get their dogs a variety of floral collars. The Furst Ladies featured here are Eleanor Roosevelt (yellow) and Martha Washington (black). Abigail Adams, the cat, is missing in these photos (and all other photos). The large, bonus dog is Bodie, the dog of a neighbor who is a stand-in for us whenever we need a large, bonus dog because why not? As of now, this post concludes our triad of amazing sessions/weddings with Molly+Trevor. Now we just need them to get cracking on their new house so we have a reason to come over and take more pictures.

You know you have the right client-photographer relationship when you show up and the maid of honor that you’ve never met is really excited to present to you a dozen little miniature hands for you to take ring shots with, and then you proceed to also use the bride’s floral binder and Pantone color samples you find lying around and find out that the wedding is floral and Pantone themed. With little hands. Then someone casually suggests hanging the bride’s dress on a pointed hand that’s jutting out of the wall, but it’s facing the wrong way, so the bride gets up on the counter with a hammer and a drill and proceeds to move the hand. Then they tell you that all of the bridesmaids have temporary tattoos that are scented. These… these are my people.

I won’t say too much about Molly and Trevor because they already know we love them, and they already know how fantastic they are (they are the only clients we’ve had to put their photos on a potato), and I already went over some of that from their engagement session (their apartment which is super fabulous and was published on Apartment Therapy, is now going to live on in our dreams as they’ve just recently bought a house which will be, I have no doubt, equally fabulous). So now I’ll just concentrate on their wedding which was pretty incredible. They wallpapered everything. The bar, the seating sign, the aisle runner, the band’s backdrop! Everyone’s table seating had Pantone colors with their names printed on them that doubled on the back as postcards! The kids had matchbox car boutonnieres! I could go on and on for a while but I’ll just stop with Molly’s dress which was incredible. It was floral. It was fantastic. And it was totally a prom dress from Nordstrom’s (we’ve already had a lot of people ask us, so there you have it folks). She said she wasn’t sure when she’d wear it again, but I assured her that she should just wear it all the time because why wouldn’t you.

• Date: April 15, 2017
• Ceremony + Reception Venue: Duke Gardens // Durham, NC
• First Dance Song: “You’ve Got a Friend” – James Taylor
• Molly’s Occupation: Children’s Museum Exhibit Designer
• Trevor’s Occupation: Biochemistry PostDoc
• How You Met: World Wide Web
• Interesting Fact: We have the exact same glasses prescription.
• Honeymoon: Eventually Norway.
• Vendor Credits: Officiant –Meghan Benson. Band – Liquid Pleasure Band. Florist – Pine State Flowers. Cake – Sugarland. Caterer – Chapel Hill Catering Company. Coordinator – Grace Beason of Grace Leisure Events. Molly+Ferry’s Hair: Stephanie Boettcher at Arrow Studio. Molly+Ferry’s Makeup – Pam Hung from OnLoKation Makeup. Bridesmaid’s Hair – Posh Studio. String Musicians – Save the Date Music. Photobooth – Zimzoom Photo Booth. Transportation – Greenway. Ice Cream Truck – The Parlour. Lighting – GetLit Special Event Lighting. Spray Tan – Tansformations.

We were so thrilled to finally work with Megan and Carly when we didn’t have 100+ degree fevers like the day of their engagement shoot. It’s so much easier to work when you don’t feel like you’re going to die, eh? And what two better people to kick off our wedding season than these guys! They are nice and happy and so cute together all the time that they make everything really easy, and their wedding day was a blast. The weather was great, there was tasty food and cake and gluten-free cakes, everyone was in a good mood, and some guy named Tucker at The Franklin Hotel totally swooped in and saved the day with his ability to tie a bow tie. There was even a parking spot at the Coker Arboretum for pictures, which is a rare occurrence. We take all of these things to be a sign of good luck and fortune in their marriage (you guys didn’t know that us finding a parking spot in Chapel Hill is good luck for your marriage, did you? you learn something new every day!).

Megan’s currently finishing her dissertation in Kentucky, and then they’re planning to move to Durham because they love it here, but also so that Megan and I can use each other for haircut inspiration. And also so we can pet their Corgi. And so Carly can coach me in the ways of her cross stitching knowledge. We are super excited that Carly and Megan have found each other and are married and are moving back to our city! And we send these two very lovely and wonderful people a big heartfelt congratulations and an uncomfortably long hug from us to them.

• Date: April 8, 2017
• Ceremony Venue: Pilgrim United Church of Christ // Durham, NC
• Reception Venue: The Cookery // Durham, NC
• First Dance Song: “Simple Life” – The Weepies
• Megan’s Occupation: Soon to be engineer
• Carly’s Occupation: Works with people with disabilities in lots of different settings
• How You Met: One of those online dating sites, followed by an accidental meeting at the gym
• Interesting Fact: Megan has lived in 6 states, but now will never leave NC. Carly can walk fast on her hands. We love playing lots and lots of board games. Megan can identify lots of bugs, Carly likes to test this often.
• Honeymoon: Minimoon in Asheville, NC so Megan can get back to KY to defend her thesis and move us one step closer to living in Durham.
• Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Mandy Mizelle Norris. DJ – Damian Maass. Florist – Julie of Bushel and Peck. Cake – Details Cake Design. Caterer – Donovan’s Dish. Hair/Makeup – Bella Trio, Durham NC. Coordinator – Leah Coman of C&D Events. Ceremony Music – Arioso String. Transportation – Greenway Transit.