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a jumpstart on autumn.

i love autumn. i really do. and not just because has several great autumn cartoons. and although summer is not over, i can tell you that my mind is totally over it already. i’m not sure why… i think it was the several days where it was kind of chilly because of all the rain. the light is also beginning to change – you know how autumn light is very different around 5:30 than summer light? or am i just nuts? anyway, i’ve been too busy to use the pool so to me that means that we might as well start autumn.

why i love autumn (in a list):

  • pumpkin pie
  • weather
  • colored leaves
  • stepping in crunchy leaves
  • halloween
  • my birthday
  • halloween candy
  • great photography light
  • having the windows open
  • carving pumpkins
  • wearing a jacket
  • everything about october

i’m sure there are things i am missing. but it is wonderful. last year geoff and i were new to north carolina and explored the mountains and hanging rock for the first time, so when i think of autumn now i think of those things.

it was absolutely amazing up on hanging rock in the fall. we decided we would hike up to the ledge because we knew there would be an awesome view. however, we weren’t entirely prepared for the hike instead of the walk, as evidenced by us wearing our chucks instead of hiking shoes. here we are at the top of hanging rock… both of the boys pretending to be excited but actually terrified. i was the one who climbed out closest to the edge while geoff and colombo tip-toed slowly out onto the rock, then perched themselves in a relatively safe place and laughed nervously:


hehehe…i’m not going any further than this… hehehe.

i plan on going back soon with my wide angle lens. raleigh was pretty awesome in the fall too last year. the weather was amazing and lasted for at least two months. the leaves were also colored for a really long time. eventually they fell off, but it took them a while.


i won’t be home for fall in pittsburgh at all this year which makes me a little sad. i am going home in september and december, but am skipping out on fall there entirely. fall in pittsburgh is cold, but then again i consider pittsburgh having really only two seasons: spring and winter. it’s only really warm in summer for a few days. fall is way too chilly and the leaves change color and fall off the trees within a week. i think that’s mostly because it rains so frequently in the fall there.


the only sunny day captured on film in pittsburgh.*

*exaggeration… kind of.

i am hoping the fall in raleigh will be how it was last year. it will be the first october i have never been home. last year i was in north carolina for my actual birthday but went home the next weekend to see my family. this year my family is coming down to see me which will be lots of fun. my sister, mom, geoff and i are going to see U2 at nc state’s carter-finley stadium. woo! i am still trying to figure out how and if i can smuggle my camera inside. meanwhile, my dad (who harbors a strong disliking of crowds and bono) will stay at our house and entertain the kittens. and hopefully not cause any trouble at the science museum like last time:



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