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thanksgiving in pittsburgh.

so far i’ve been having a very relaxing december in contrast to the previous months.  geoff and i have been updating things and fixing all of the little website/business issues that need taken care of before the big january and feburary wedding booking months. we still have a long few weeks ahead before christmas – packages need restructured for the new year, fine art will be available for purchase, etc… but at least we’re now finally scratching everything off that long business to-do list before the busy booking months of late winter and the crazy madness of spring and summer. i am very excited for 2010; i have the best clients ever!

before we came back to raleigh for our incredibly productive month, we were home in pittsburgh for thanksgiving. we had to get my ring resized and, since i’m abiding by my new “walking is for suckers when it’s below 35 degrees” mindset, we drove around downtown and took some shots out the window. it was snowing and i live in the south now, so sticking my camera lens out of the window was about the best that i could do. i am so looking forward to going back for a week in christmas and getting some great shots although i’m still deciding whether or not i’ll need to bring some sort of one-piece fur-lined parka or not.

geoff and i went running this evening when it was 37 degrees (just short of my “walking is for suckers” rule) and i almost died. it took me a good 40 minutes inside before i could feel my nose again. i live in north carolina, not the arctic, but i’m starting to think i was never meant to be more than 100 miles from the equator.

pittsburgh: in all it’s rainy and smoggy glory <3






also – went to visit my cat nephews logan and sully. sully was too excited to sit still enough to pose for the camera, but logan offered to model a few:



logan likes to climb laura’s shoe rack and then sit on top of her door like this and meow at her all the time. now, i see cats all the time in funny cat pictures on the internet that sit on top of doors like this, but i’ve never seen it in person until now…it’s both adorable and ridiculous.


    Nothing Seanthings

    Love love LOVE those Pitt pictures! You really captured the look of the Burgh in those shots.

    Logan is an adorable model. When I saw that second shot I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I thought he was sitting on to your Nintendo Wii. lol

    I want more!


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