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day 6/365

this bucket of “tools” used to make  impenetrable sand castle forts and moats has sat neglected on our deck since august. occasionally we’ll have a bout of wind which blows a plastic shovel or two around or scatters some small plastic blocks into the neighbors’ yards. but besides gathering said “tools” from around the neighborhood, the bucket has large sat untouched. when it started to rain regularly from january on, the bucket filled up with water and inevitably froze within the past couple weeks.

now the bucket and award-winning-moat-building materials are frozen together…sitting on our deck and patiently waiting for summer to arrive so geoff can build another mellon arena out of sand.

icebucket 004 icebucket 003 icebucket 006

*tip: if you squint really hard and look west, sometimes it looks like summer’s already here.

why 365?


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