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day 87/365: wedding ring! :)

ahhhhhhhhhhhh i finally got my wedding ring in yesterday!!!

it was weird not having my engagement ring for a while, but it was worth it. ira helfer of david i. helfer jewlery (clark building in pittsburgh, pa) made both my engagement ring and wedding ring. geoff designed them both and i love them!! both geoff and ira did an amazingly awesome job and i’ll never take my rings off ever ever ever. except maybe in the shower or when i’m gardening or something weird.

so here it is!!! my engagement ring fits inside my wedding bands (there are two…they’re welded together in the back) to make one awesome ring that geoff says makes me look like i “won the super bowl.” :)

thanks, geoff…for the design, the thoughtfulness, the rings, and everything you do every day. :)

and thanks, ira, for being an amazing jeweler who’s able to do anything!

wedding ring

my ring with geoff’s ring… i know, i know, i’m totally stealing all of my wedding photographer’s shots before the wedding.

wedding ring

why 365?


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