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Raleigh Pet Photographer: Peanut+Butter

I was happy to have another wonderful client reunion with yet another CSP original couple (one of the first three!) on Monday. And while we had craaazy weather with the epic evening storm was that brewing, overcast skies and cows-flying-through-the-air wind, the doggies and us made the best of it!

Peanut is a Maltese/Poodle mix and enjoys chasing and biting his little sister, dragging around his toy duck, and treats. He cracks me up because he reminds me exactly of a stuffed dog I used to have when I was little. Butter is a Yorkie/Poodle mix that enjoys running, jumping, and running. Peanut was Erika and Dustin’s first dog, given to Erika on Valentine’s Day. Butter came a while later and was named to go along with Peanut… but Peanut ended up being much larger… and now they enjoy snickering behind their photographer’s back when she confuses their names a lot. ;)

These two were great, energetic little pups who enjoyed having the run of the park on this crazy windy day!

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