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Raleigh Engagement Photographer: Rebekah+Braden

Two high-school sweetheart couples in a row here on the blog. :) Although, Rebekah+Braden have known each other since they were very little and their mothers were long friends. She wrote in an e-mail to me, “I’m pretty sure I fell in love in the 7th grade!” Rebekah is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (Not NC’s Fayetteville) getting her degree in speech therapy. I’m always really interested in what people do for a living and realized with surprise that Rebekah is my first speech therapist! This was kind of exciting because my sister is a speech therapist, so we talked about that stuff for a while. :) Braden is here at Campbell University pursuing his masters in Education so that he can coach football… both high school and college. He played for 3 years at SMU in Dallas and still plays at Campbell. They are both super cute and sweet and we had a great time with them! I told Rebekah to wear boots because we’d be trapezing through some tall grass, but while we didn’t run into any poisonous plants, there were plenty of signs telling us to avoid the snakes. :(

I do believe this was Geoff’s last engagement session for the year that he’ll shoot with me as his regular full-time job prevents him from shooting once the sun sets earlier and earlier, but I appreciate him coming with me to this session and all the others throughout the year! He’s obviously still coming to weddings, but I can handle the engagements on my own. ;) Thank you for attending as many engagements as you could in 2011, Geoff!

Congratulations, Rebekah and Braden! We hope your Texas wedding is wonderful! :D


    Nothing kim

    I just love the pictures Bekah. We are soooo happy for both of you. What a cute couple.


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