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Raleigh Family Photographer: Melissa+Jimmy+Harper+Frank+T-Bone

If this session doesn’t make you want to run out and buy a matching set of weiner dogs, I’m not sure what will.

Meet the McGuinness family! You might remember them as Melissa and Jimmy. :) Melissa and Jimmy had Frank, their first Dachshund, when Jimmy was stationed over in Germany. Frank unfortunately could not make it over to their wedding that I shot in October 2010. I was brokenhearted as I had been stalking Frank’s various outfits and adorableness via Facebook for some time. After they were married for a little while and moved back to NC, they adopted T-Bone, their second Dachshund (you’ll see that T-Bone is kind of tiger striped). Then, recently completing their big happy family, came Harper, their adorable baby girl and little sister to the adopted fur-children. :) I was so pleased to meet and photograph the new new additions, and it was lovely seeing Melissa and Jimmy again. Their family is beautiful. Harper is a little angel, and Frank and T-Bone are completely and utterly ridiculous… but in a good way.

Jimmy just recently left for a one year deployment in Afghanistan, and they wanted these pictures taken before he left. Jimmy – I wish you a safe and healthy deployment, and I hope these pictures bring you a little bit of comfort.


    Nothing Sarah

    My mother grew up with a dachshund and I’ve always wanted one. They’re adorable! And I’m super jealous of the baby shots. How on EARTH did you get her to look straight at you like that? Or was she seriously just confused about the camera in her face? Either way, these are stunning. And as for your comment about Reverb… You should totally do it! I know you’re always busy with, obviously, taking amazing shots for people, but I learned so much from just the 30 Days of Gratitude project and I’m really excited for this one. I had blogged earlier this morning and when I found out today was the first day of Reverb, I had to delete my post and start over.


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