Portraits in Raleigh: Wendy+Nelson+Ashton

This was a combination engagement and family shoot that took place on one of the coldest mornings I’ve ventured outside in a long time! Wendy and Nelson are engaged to be married in April of next year with Nelson adopting Wendy’s 11-year-old son Ashton. This is a big and exciting moment for all of them, so they wanted Ashton included in the engagement pictures with them. :) Wendy is a recruiter and Nelson is a lighting engineer… which means he gets to design the lighting in major buildings which I thought sounded pretty cool! Ashton is in 5th grade and his favorite subject is science. He plans on becoming a Marine Biologist, and his favorite superhero is a tied position between the Green Lantern and Captain America (he has good taste).

We’re super excited to be working with this loving and beautiful family in the spring!

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