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Engaged in Pittsburgh: Brandy+Andrew

Brandy and Andrew met while she was a server and he was a cook at Johnny Rockets. They didn’t like each other. Brandy thought Andrew was stuck up. Andrew thought Brandy was weird. Eventually they ended up together and have been ever since. It turns out that what Brandy took for stuck up was just Andrew being kind of shy. But it also turns out that Andrew still thinks Brandy is “kind of weird”. :D ;) Bahahaha. But despite their differing views on the Harry Potter movies (Brandy loves them and Andrew politely puts up with them), they are fantastic together and laughed the whole time. They’re sooo sweet, but I already knew this about Brandy. We were in show choir and drama together for 3 years in high school… high-kicking our way to the top in our ridiculously sequined blue dresses. ;) Brandy has a beautiful singing voice. She met Andrew after we graduated (he went to another high school), so I just now have met him… and he’s wonderful! I’m so excited to see them together again on their wedding in June.

Photos taken at Johnny Rockets in Pittsburgh Mills (where they met) and Deer Lakes Park (behind the Mills). Special thanks to the Johnny Rockets crew for letting us shoot there before they opened up, and for the Deer Lakes Park fog for being so awesome and conveniently timed. Here is our wonderful Brandy and Andrew!

P.S. Brandy – you’re a fine girl (you’re a fiiine girl!). What a good wife you would be (such a fiiine girl!).


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