I like these two a lot. They’re really, really silly and not afraid of their silliness. They’re also really fun and outgoing and not afraid of geese. Christina is Andrew’s striking older sister in a sibling trio who all have fantastic brown eyes (or at least 2 out of 3 since I haven’t met the oldest sister… but I’m assuming she also has awesome eyes). Steven is her partner-in-crime-and-silliness, who ironically warned me that Christina would photobomb all of the pictures, then proceeded to photobomb them all himself. :) They were set up by Christina’s sister who was Steven’s best friend in college. Their first date was bowling, where Christina crushed Steven’s score but not his heart (badum-ching!), and Christina has since moved back to Pittsburgh (from Philadelphia where she went to school) to be with him as they plan for their September wedding in the ‘Burgh. :)

We started off the session at the street corner where their first kiss took place, and ultimately their engagement (cute!). It looked awfully doomy and overcast, but by the time we got to the city it was all blue sky and fluffy clouds! I think these two are just a ray of sunshine on a Pittsburghy day. :)

Brandy and Andrew met while she was a server and he was a cook at Johnny Rockets. They didn’t like each other. Brandy thought Andrew was stuck up. Andrew thought Brandy was weird. Eventually they ended up together and have been ever since. It turns out that what Brandy took for stuck up was just Andrew being kind of shy. But it also turns out that Andrew still thinks Brandy is “kind of weird”. :D ;) Bahahaha. But despite their differing views on the Harry Potter movies (Brandy loves them and Andrew politely puts up with them), they are fantastic together and laughed the whole time. They’re sooo sweet, but I already knew this about Brandy. We were in show choir and drama together for 3 years in high school… high-kicking our way to the top in our ridiculously sequined blue dresses. ;) Brandy has a beautiful singing voice. She met Andrew after we graduated (he went to another high school), so I just now have met him… and he’s wonderful! I’m so excited to see them together again on their wedding in June.

Photos taken at Johnny Rockets in Pittsburgh Mills (where they met) and Deer Lakes Park (behind the Mills). Special thanks to the Johnny Rockets crew for letting us shoot there before they opened up, and for the Deer Lakes Park fog for being so awesome and conveniently timed. Here is our wonderful Brandy and Andrew!

P.S. Brandy – you’re a fine girl (you’re a fiiine girl!). What a good wife you would be (such a fiiine girl!).

Ashley and Dave both went to the same high school as me, but were four years ahead in my sister’s grade. My sister, who has been graduated from high school for some time (sorry, Laura) coincidentally boarded a plane to LA on a trip to New Zealand a few years ago and happened to sit next to Ashley on the flight from Pittsburgh to LA in another weird, Twilight-Zoney type of thing that happens to me way too much. So when Ashley went on the hunt for a wedding photographer via Facebook, my sister kindly referred me. :)

Ashley and Dave are getting married at Heinz Chapel and PNC Park next year! Geoff is ridiculously excited to shoot at PNC Park… and is convinced (in some sort of fantasy land type of way) that the Pirates will end up in the playoffs and that there will be a playoff game taking place at PNC Park during the wedding and that he’ll somehow be able to take part and witness both. Even if the playoffs don’t happen for the Pirates (and let’s face it…), we’re still both super excited to shoot the wedding for this lovely couple! For their engagement, Ashley wanted “very classy” pictures in front of the Pittsburgh skyline on Mt. Washington at the very end of the day and night, and then a few at a restaurant where her and Dave had dinner reservations. I do believe that this set of pictures is extra classy and extra skyline-y. :) Enjoy!

*P.S. I still love you, Raleigh, but nobody can top this skyline.

*P.P.S. I think I can see my dorm room from here! :P My college is the orange building w/ the flag on top of it in the lower left hand corner of the picture below. I lived in a dorm room on the 17th floor. My dad HATED move-in day. :)