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Christina+Steven’s Engagement Session on the North Shore in Pittsburgh, PA

I like these two a lot. They’re really, really silly and not afraid of their silliness. They’re also really fun and outgoing and not afraid of geese. Christina is Andrew’s striking older sister in a sibling trio who all have fantastic brown eyes (or at least 2 out of 3 since I haven’t met the oldest sister… but I’m assuming she also has awesome eyes). Steven is her partner-in-crime-and-silliness, who ironically warned me that Christina would photobomb all of the pictures, then proceeded to photobomb them all himself. :) They were set up by Christina’s sister who was Steven’s best friend in college. Their first date was bowling, where Christina crushed Steven’s score but not his heart (badum-ching!), and Christina has since moved back to Pittsburgh (from Philadelphia where she went to school) to be with him as they plan for their September wedding in the ‘Burgh. :)

We started off the session at the street corner where their first kiss took place, and ultimately their engagement (cute!). It looked awfully doomy and overcast, but by the time we got to the city it was all blue sky and fluffy clouds! I think these two are just a ray of sunshine on a Pittsburghy day. :)


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